Top Video Monetization Platforms in 2020

video Monetization Platforms in 2020

There are many video monetization platforms to choose from. Video is a huge focus for content publishers in 2020 and has always been a tough format to monetize effectively. We have compiled a list of the most widely used video platforms publishers are using to give you ideas as you research which partners could be worthwhile to work with. We will keep this list as up to date as possible – feel free to let us know any others that should be added.

JW Player

jw player video monetization platforms

JW Player is one of the largest independent video player and monetization platforms on the internet. Their Player composes of HTML5 Video player, analytocs, SDKS, OTT Video Apps, Video Gallery and 360 degree Video and VR functionalities. Recently, JW Player added 3 new ad partners to their video player bidding suite.

JW Player Offers 3 Tiers

Developer – For Video Engineers and Data Scientists

  • $0mo
  • 6-month Trial
  • All Features
  • Full API & SDK Access
  • Non-Commercial License
    25GB Hosting / 75GB Streaming

Starter – For Small Businesses and Agencies

  • $10 a Month Billed Anually
  • HTML5 Video Player
  • Password Protected Sharing
  • Video Gallery
  • 150GB Hosting / 500GB Streaming

Enterprise – For Publishers and Broadcasters

  • Custom Pricing
  • Ad Integration
  • No Rev Share
  • Self-Hosted Players
  • High-volume Streaming


lkqd video monetization platforms
lkqd videolkqdlkqd

LKQD’s open, independent and flexible video advertising infrastructure enables publishers to quickly build and grow their business across screens and around the globe. Media partners are able to manage all of their direct and programmatic video advertising inventory on one platform, while advertisers can reach video ad viewers at scale across every digital device- with total transparency.

  • 30+ RTB Buyers
  • 25+Integrated solutions partners
  • 420 Media Partners
  • 800 Billion events tracked a day
  • 45,000 Processing units


video monetization platforms spotx

SpotX Powers over 600 publishers and has been a long term player in the video space. Over the past several years, SpotX has taken a leading position in the convergence of digital video and traditional television.

SpotX Publisher Platform

Built for optimal efficiency in the complex video ad landscape, SpotX’s complete video ad serving platform empowers publishers to simplify workflows while maximizing yield.

Ad Serving

Streamline all of your demand partners and maximize revenue in a single unified platform.

Programmatic Infrastructure

Automate sales of video inventory with solutions that guarantee total transparency and brand safety across all screens.

Data Enablement

Activate unique first- and third-party audience data in a secure environment to increase the value of your inventory.


video monetization platforms telaria

Telaria is a public traded company that engages in video advertising the world’s leading advertisers and video/CTT/OTT publishers. They work with Young Hollywood, A&E Networks, Hulu, The Discovery Channel, Cheddar and many others

Telaria’s Video Management Platform (VMP) Offers:

  • Over 30 plugged-in demand partners such as Tremor Video DSP, The Trade Desk, DoubleClick, AppNexus, Adobe, Amobee and many more
  • Analytics, Demand Delivery and Decisioning
  • Global supply and demand


video monetization platforms

VDO.AI is a Native Video advertising monetization suite helping publishers leverage the power of video advertising using their smart contextual instream video solutions often leading to a boost in their monetization by 50%.

They offer:

  • Top demand sources bidding for their publisher inventory such as AppNexus, DoubleClick, Sovrn, Pulsepoint and Criteo
  • Contextual videos with high grade user experience
  • Single line of code integration
  • Cutting edge automated video ad serving


video monetization platforms primis

Primis offers a fully customizable video unit that integrates seamlessly and elevates audience engagement. Their machine learning algorithm understands users and shows them the most relevant and engaging videos by scanning articles and leveraging data layering technology.

Primis offers multiple designs Native to each website they work with:

  • In-view: Maximizes video distribution by recommending more relevant videos.
  • Perfect Fit: Designed to look and feel like a part of your page, for seamless user experience.
  • Forefront: Brings your editorial content to the forefront – on a clean and slick video player.

Are we missing any video platforms? Let us know in the contact section!