Difference Between PDF and Word File: Which is Better?

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Documents play a massive role in one’s daily life. Whether it’s a company report, a thesis study for school, or just your records, a document must have for present and future use. Most documents are made for reference, or even just storing important notes and writings. Moreover, given how relevant documents are, it is also essential to choose what file format it should have. 

When you type in documents on a computer, you mostly have two options: PDF and DOC (or DOCX) file. Many people get confused between the two formats since both have almost the same features. PDF stands for “portable document format” and DOC is the name of the file that is made using Microsoft Word.  It also really helps to use a tool like UsefulPDF which includes a free PDF Editor and converter along with other tools.

Although these two types of documents can be easily saved and sent via email, the two have their differences from each other. In this article, we will discuss how to convert PDF to Word efficiently, the difference between PDF and Word file formats, and how relevant it is for anyone who keeps documents.

Can I convert PDF files to Word?

If you have a PDF file and you want it to be in a Word file format, you can convert PDF to Word. To do so, you need to find a reliable PDF file converter. One of the best PDF tools and converters that you can find online is PDFBear. PDFBear not only offers PDF to Word conversions but also PDF to Powerpoint, Excel, HTML, JPEG, TXT, and more. 

PDFBear’s converter tool is straightforward to use, and it will not give you a hard time to learn how to navigate it. To convert PDF files on PDFbear, you only need to follow four steps. First, you need to upload a file on PDFBear’s server. You can upload a file from your computer or cloud storage.

Next, once you’ve selected a file for upload, drag and drop the data on the server and PDFBear will scan it throughout. The texts from the PDF file will be extracted and transferred to a Word document. Wait for the conversion process to complete.

Once the conversion has finished, you can download the converted file on your computer or save it on your cloud storage. PDFBear supports all types of cloud storage, including Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. You may also send the converted file directly via email to whoever you want to send it to. 

Difference Between PDF and Word File

Although PDF and Word files are both large file formats for editing and viewing written documents, the two are unique in their way. To start, PDF and Word were developed by different software companies. PDF was created and developed by Adobe Systems, while Word file was designed and developed by Microsoft; hence, it is called Microsoft Word. 

Each computer company made its software of documents that can be saved by the preference of the user. PDF files can be edited and viewed via Adobe’s Acrobat. Meanwhile, Word documents can be viewed and written via Microsoft Word. 

PDF and Word Platform Ability

One of the most significant differences between PDF and Word is their platform’s features and the ability to edit documents. For PDF, it only has a limited ability to edit file documents. This document format is particularly useful when it comes to online contracts. All parties can put their signatures using a tool like eSign PDF Online – Free Electronic Signature – Soda PDF and it will be legally binding as long as the content of the document is legally binding. 

Mostly, Acrobat is used for viewing PDF files. The reason for that is PDF files are created to be a delivery type of text that can reach all platforms. Only a few people use Acrobat when making documents. 

On the other hand, Word files can be created on Microsoft Word, and it can be saved as either a DOC file or PDF file. If you want to edit the document, you can modify it via MS Word and then save it again as PDF. Thus, when it comes to editing documents, MS Word is highly recommendable.

PDF and Word in terms of content delivery

Another difference between PDF and Word files is the way it delivers content. Documents that are made in MS Word tend to be less accurate since it can be edited anytime and by whoever has the file on hand. As for PDF files, the content will remain original just how the author wrote it, and since it has exclusive software rights, it needs to have correct settings in delivering content. 

An excellent example of this would be the font used in the document. Sometimes the author uses a font that is not available on the computer it has sent to. When the document is opened and accessed, the computer will automatically change the font to the font that the sender did not choose. This is a crucial problem, especially when it comes to fonts of company logos.


Despite the differences, PDF and Word file formats are still the best document formats for all your documents. It is easy to use, can be accessed on all types of computers, and it allows you to keep your records on your computer for future purposes. Whether you choose PDF or Word format, you will always land on the best option.