4 Things to Look for in a Managed Service Provider

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4 Things to Look for in a Managed Service Provider

4 Things to Look For in a Managed Service Provider

Nowadays, businesses need technology to operate effectively. Due to the high demand for IT security, system monitoring, data management, and many other IT-related issues that businesses, both big and small, are faced with daily, IT support services are growing in popularity. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) hit the market niche by providing you with professional services combined with full-time support.

If you want your business to develop steadily, you may want to consider choosing an MSP. Of course, the most convenient option is to look for local services, so if you’re based in the Washington area, look for services regarding IT in Washington. What else is important when it comes to the choice of a Managed Service Provider? Keep reading to find out!

24x7x365 support

One of the most important services every MSP should provide is continuous IT support. Even if you don’t work 24 hours a day, your network does, and every mishap can be risky to your business. When it comes to IT-related issues, they don’t always happen during normal business hours. Sometimes the site can go down unexpectedly, or there’s a serious bug that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

When no one from your IT team is available, that’s where your MSP should step in. Make sure the provider of your choice is available at all times and can quickly respond to any issues. Before you commit to any IT provider, double-check whether they provide around-the-clock availability and get back to you in a timely manner. Quick response time and 24x7x365 support are crucial, because your business and its reputation may depend on it.

Professional crew, proactive support

If you’re looking for an MSP, make sure you choose a company who employs professional, knowledgeable people with a wide range of specific skills. If you have your own IT team, that’s great, but remember that they don’t always have the skillset to deal with all the issues your networks may be experiencing.

Instead of increasing their workload and distracting them from their original tasks, work with an MSP which has experienced technicians who are familiar with the technology you’re using for your business. What’s more, choose a provider that aims to work proactively with you. MSPs need to focus not only on fixing problems as they arise. Reliable providers will work constantly to help you avoid IT-related problems, which in turn is going to save you time and money.

Backup systems and website patches

While looking for the perfect IT MSP, make sure they help you prepare for the worst. Digital information is extremely vulnerable! Your network can fall victim to a cyber attack, your files may get corrupted, and your data can be wiped out in a matter of seconds. What’s more, you may even have to deal with forces you can’t control. Are you prepared if your business gets shut down due to a weather disaster? The right MSP will have professional data protection measures in place. It should have backup plans in case of weather-related issues, power outages, and cyber attacks.

A good managed service provider will be equipped with data-retrieval tools to protect your business from information crashes. It should have cloud services and do backups on a daily basis. What’s more, a reliable MSP should fully and correctly patch your websites. The whole update process takes time and some companies don’t provide such services. However, if you want your website to run smoothly and securely, you need the right patches and updates. To make sure your business is thriving, you need to minimize the mishaps as much as possible, and a good MSP will do it for you.

Effective ticketing system

Communication and quick responses are key in every business. That’s why you should make sure that an MSP of your choice invests in a reliable helpdesk system. Helpdesks or ticketing networks are the best way to track website issues that may occur in your company. They provide you with secure and organized flow of information. Whenever a problem occurs, you’ll likely receive a ticket notifying you about it.

You need a transparent system that will help you see the helpdesk queue while your MSP must be able to solve these problems fast, making sure no helpdesk ticket gets lost or delayed. An effective ticketing system improves the workflow and helps to keep track of your customer service needs. A good MSP should provide you with this feature to optimize the way your business is running.

Choosing the managed servie provider support has many advantages. It improves the way your business is running, takes away the workload from your IT team, and allows your employees to focus on their tasks. For a flat, monthly rate you receive professional services and you’re confident that your IT systems are being taken care of around the clock. Make sure you pick the right provider and you’ll be more at peace, knowing that there are people who have your back at all times.