How to Boost Customer Engagement with Striking Web Design

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How to Boost Customer Engagement with Striking Web Design

Portland has seen tremendous growth in the tech industry over the past few decades. A lot of tech giants are even eyeing the market exposure in this Silicon forest to expand their business. 

Observing the upward trend in web designing, colleges in Portland are encouraging students to pursue their degree in this domain. Besides, the conception of boot camps all across the city has made web designing more accessible and a thriving career opportunity. With such awareness, experts suggest web app developers here will grow by 25% in a couple of years.

Typically, a reputed Portland web design agency will aim at developing a top-notch website with all the latest features to benefit its clients. Such exceptional sites help businesses to gain profits through increased customer engagement. 

Let us find ways to boost customer engagement with an impressive website. 

Distinctive Design

A striking web design from LA will focus on setting a balance between critical and regular content. It will get the attention of the viewer toward the essential content of the website. Reducing visual clutter improves the viewer’s understanding. The usage of white spaces increases readability. 

Visually maintain a clear hierarchy of content to highlight the critical sections. According to the Portland business journal, some of the best web design agencies in Portland combine their competence in data and design. It elevates the digital footprint of their clients. All this information can seem confusing, but building a website is easy these days. There are so many platforms that come equipped with templates and builders that make it easy for anyone to create a website quickly.

Narrate a Visual Story

In recent years, visual storytelling has become a vital element contributing to the success of content marketing. Visuals always keep customers engaged. Moreover, with visuals, the chances of conveying a message with clarity are higher. 

Web designers can utilize visual tools like images, videos, and infographics. Videos have a superior influence on customers. Recent studies show that videos contribute to 80% of Internet traffic in Portland.

Persuade Customers to Sign Up

Developing a site with clear conversion paths and striking web design ensures loads of right leads. To achieve this target, encourage customers to sign up or download a document from the site. Usually, the recommendation is to have multiple call-to-action on a page for more conversion opportunities. 

The landing page is another critical factor, and it needs consistency to prioritize essential elements. A perfect setting of the landing page will also help to persuade the customer to act. For instance, the design week Portland (DWP), an initiative to encourage web designing in Portland, has a perfect call-to-action tab.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is extremely critical to achieve exceptional viewer’s engagement in today’s market. In Portland, trends show that customers having a pleasant experience visiting a website are 60% more likely to purchase the product. A responsive design also includes checking of multiple breakpoints and easy navigation to priority content over the mobile.

Due Consideration for the Disabled and Aged People

Customer engagement must include any customer, including the disabled and aged people. Though less than a quarter of the Portland population is disabled, the web design must also consider their requirements. Likewise, options like voice search will help the aged population.Any Portland web design agency can exploit these techniques to promote exceptional customer engagement for their clients. An accomplished visitor’s engagement helps businesses to achieve their financial targets.