7 Best Free Sleep Apps for iPhone & Android

7 Best Free Sleep Apps for iPhone & Android

Introduction: Sleep Apps for iPhone and Android

No doubt, sleeping is one thing we all want to do at some point in the day – particularly at night. Whether it be intermittent naps or a long hourly and refreshing sleep, at some point, we just want to have it; both for the refreshing feel, and body obligations. But sometimes, it can be difficult getting that sleep even you’re using the best firm mattress. Most of us most of the changed sleeping directions a hundred times before we finally hit the sleep jackpot.

Sleep Apps

Luckily, we are recognized and our plight has been attended to. To that effect, sleep apps have been developed. Another wonderful thing sprinkled into the mix is that some of these sleep apps also double as sleep cycle apps, and they are made to be cross-platform development tools.

Basically, cross-platform development tools, or apps, refers to an application that can operate across multiple platforms. In a nutshell, some of these applications to help your sleep are operational on the Android Operating System and iOS. Getting to it, here are seven (7) sleep apps devoted to helping you sleep, and well refreshed.

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7 Top Sleep Applications

1. Sleep Cycle

This application is one of the top innovative apps on improving how refreshing each rest can get. Even better, Sleep Cycle comes with a built-in alarm clock that wakes you up at the period considered best for you. Now, here’s how it works. You set an alarm time frame with the Sleep Cycle App, then app tracks your sleeping routine. During the time frame set, Sleep Cycle wakes you when your sleep is in the lightest phase, so you do not get triggered awake. It is available both on Android and iOS, and it does not come at any cost.

2. Slumber

The Slumber application is another top app for your sleeping. The app has more to do with making you fall asleep than getting you awake. It contains meditative elements and calming background noises aimed at inducing you with sleep. Some of the background noises include rain sounds and the beach breeze. However, the app contains restrictions if you are not subscribed to the premium version. Hence, the application is not entirely free; it is only free for around 10 episodes of stories that can arouse sleep. The cost for full access to the application is $40 per year; it is only available on iOS.

3. Pzizz

Pzizz offers a wide variety of sleep-inducing features and services to aid proper sleep. With this app, you are given access to a variety of music and soothing sound effects to ease you into sleep. It also comes in with an alarm clock that works with the application. The application is available both on Android and iOS, but access to the sounds is not entirely free as well. It costs around $60 per year for full access.

4. Headspace

Headspace is predominantly a meditation application, but it has evolved to develop into an app that generally caters to sleeping needs. It contains the medium and long length (almost an hour) bedtime stories to aid sleeping. It is only available on iOS and it costs close to $95 for full access.

5. Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle app is one wonderful app for sleeping too. It allows you set time frame for short or full naps, with which the app monitors when you have entirely slept, then set an alarm itself that wakes you up. This app is available on Android and iOS and costs $2.

6. Relax & Sleep Well

This is a sleep application that is built around hypnosis. The application contains hypnotic voices and tunes that will eventually lull you to sleep. Available on the Android and iOS platforms, its access to the application is free.

7. 10% Happier

This sleep app is built around meditation. The application is also built with short and long meditations, which also cuts across multiple genres. They also have a wide platform that is well organized.


Sleeping is important, and it might be difficult hitting it. But with these top sleep apps, be sure sleeping will be less difficult.