Ten Best Social Media Marketing Technologies of 2019

There are thousands of social media marketing tools available to online marketers in 2019. We found a great infographic highlighting some of the most used and prominent technologies you should look into using for your business.


Awario is a platform made for solopreneurs and small businesses. It’s main purpose is to monitor major social media platforms and the Web. Awario collections mentions of your brand, competitors, or any other keywords. Awario have their own crawlers that scan 14 billion pages a day.


Mention is mostly targeted at enterprise users and agencies,thought it offers plans for small business. The platform is focused on search in real time. Historical data is available for users that have a custom plan.


Buffer is a tool for publishing and scheduling your posts on major social media platforms. Buffer Reply creates a unified team inbox and allows a user to reply to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram conversations. Anyone from solopreneurs to enterprise clients will find a suitable Buffer plan.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is great for small and media sized businesses that need an all in one solution for scheduling, monitoring and analytics.


Buzzsumo is tailored specifically for content creators. It gets you topic ideas for your next article and analyzes what content is performing for your competitors. The best part is that aside from content ideas and engagement rates, Buzzsumo will also help you find, analyze and follow influences to promote your content.

Social Animal

Social Animal is similar to Buzzsumo letting you research content, analyzed content that is curated, keep an eye on your competitors, and ultimately find the influencers you need. Social animal is affordable and perfect and perfect for individual marketers and small businesses.


Zapier is a tool for creating worksflows called zaps. Zapier integrates with more web apps than any other platform of its kind. The best feature of Zapier is creating custom multi-step workflows.


With IFTTT it takes just a few steps to create an applet. Apart from the applets created by you, IFTTT lets you use and get inspired by the applets that other users have created.


Qwaya is a tool for creating and managing Facebook and Instagram ads. The app lets toy schedule ads and collaborate with your team members. Most importantly, it lets you A/B test ads. Qwaya is a Facebook marketing partner, which means that the company’s excellence is approved by Facebook.

AdEspresso (Hootsuite)

AdEspresso is designed to create, manage and analyze advertising campaigns across multiple channels. AdEspresso is a Facebook, Instagram and Google partner. This means that they have proved their expertise to these major social media companies. On top of that, you will be able to access their knowledge base called the AdEspresso Academy.