115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media

Source: Skilled.co

It would be hard to find something that has become as common in day to day lives at the rapid rate that social media has. Social media has crept up so fast that we are still unsure of its long term repercussions on society. Facebook has over 1.59 billion users alone and a $312.78 billion market capitalization. It is hard to ignore that something big is taking place.

At the heart of the social media phenomenon is the ability to connect with people from all over the world. This is a valuable tool that brands and businesses can use for marketing and branding purposes. Recent studies revealed that on just a minute there is an average of over 4 million new likes on Facebook, 293,000 new statuses posted and 136,000 photos shared to people’s facebook profile walls. In only one second, 4,501 new photos are posted on the network.

Tapping into this flow of traffic can prove extremely profitable for businesses, websites, and brands. Due to the data-driven nature of social platforms, targeting the desired audience’s has never been easier. Well-crafted posts have been shown to influence people’s purchasing decisions directly. Facebook is 31% more likely than other social media network to aid the discovery, research and recommendation of products.

Approximately $11.72 billion was spent on social media marketing within the United States in 2016 and by 2019, annual social media marketing spending is projected to reach $17.34 billion. As more people turn away from traditional mediums like television and print media, the more valuable social media will become. 85% of participants surveyed already receive their morning news from Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about how social media is now an integral part of both our personal and business lives, check out all 115 facts in the infographic below.