10 Tips to Tame your Task List

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Creating and sticking to an efficient system of creating, tracking and accomplishing tasks of any size is difficult. Quill.com created a great list of tips to tame your task list plus some apps you can download to help your efforts.

Infographic Summary

  1. Prioritize Most Important Tasks – Not which tasks absolutely must get done today then accomplish them first.
  2. Automate series of tasks Create action sequences for tasks you accomplish on a regular basis.
  3. Start with the tasks you most dead – Early in the day tackle the tasks that give you anxiety.
  4. Prepare before you start – gather all the necessary materials for a task before you start it.
  5. Eliminate distractions – Close all internet browsers, silence your phone, and sign out of email and social media accounts.
  6. Schedule breaks – Plan for small breaks throughout each day to do something you truly enjoy like taking a 10 minute walk outside.
  7. Start over after lunch – A lot of things can still be accomplished in the afternoon, and doing something sets you up for a less stresful tomorrow.
  8. Create multiple lists – Examples include a list for long-term tasks, one for weekly tasks and one for daily tasks.
  9. Break tasks into manageable chunks – Craft your list so every task requires only one single action.
  10. Make it routine – Schedule recurring tasks for the same time each day.

To-Do Apps List:

Wunderlist – For people who appreciate great design.

Do It (Tomorrow) – For procrastinators.

Handle – For email lovers.

Todoist – For Tech-Savvy people.

Balanced For people who want a friendlier to-do list and a little praise for getting things done.