Social Media Manager Checklist

Running a blog or any social channel requires a lot of work, and eye for details and always continued effort to provide value to your users. Staying on top of important initiatives is the key to success and this infographic by Premium IT Solutions is a great resource.

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Social Media Manager Checklist

Infographic Summary

Post 3 to 6 times to Twitter
Post 1 to 2 times to Facebook
Post 1 to 12 times on Google+
Post 1 to 3 Times on Instagram
Post 1 time to Linkedin
Respond to Direct Messages
Monitor and respond to Mentions
Create Conversations with brand Advocates
Find and Engage with Prospects
Load your social editorial Calendar
Monitor the Competition
Work on new content and repurposing content.

Engage with thought leaders
Engage with marketing partners
Discuss tactics with your team
Research the social media industry
Review social media analytics
Encourage sharing through employee and partner advocacy

Attend local meetup events
Review your products and services
Plan and collaborate with departments and other businesses

Forward planning your content calendar
Review Execution of your Strategy
Update Social Media Strategy