Social Media Trends of 2016 Infographic

The Hootsuite blog released this eye opening infographic that shows what trends we can expect to see in 2016.
6 Social Media Trends of 2016

6 Social Media Trends of 2016

Source: Hootsuite

Infographic Summary

  1. Brands are investing in reaching customers where they are: mobile and social
  • 70% Percentage of marketers growing their social media advertising budgets in 2015
  • 24 Billion the amount marketers will spennd by the end of 2015 to reach customers on social media
  • 33% Year over year growth in social media advertising budgets in 2015
  1. Reaching consumers on mobile
  • 196 Billion worldwide mobile ad spend by 2019
  • Projection: 59.4% Mobile as a percentage of total digital Ad Spend in 2016
  1. Social Driving Consumer Spending
  • 37 Million visits to shopify stores via social media converted into 529K commerce orders.
  • Orders from Pinterest on Mobile devices have increased 140% in the last two years
  • 2/3 Of all social media visitors to Shopify stores are generated by Facebook
  • Pinterest is now the #2 channel for Shopify stores
  1. While channels are increasingly fragmented, the feature sets offered by each are converging.
  • 13 of the top 15 fastest-growing apps in the social media and messaging category globally have evolved into multi-use mobile.
  • social content platforms that offer chat as a feature
  1. #SocialBusiness finally happens: social’s taken over the office
  • 40% of enterprise SaaS software is now driven bottom-up
  • In less than two years slack grew to over 1.25 million daily active users
  1. Video Dominates on Social
  • 80% of global internet traffic will be attributed to video by 2019
  • 5 Million years it would take to watch all the video content that will be shared every month in 2019
  • 6 Billion Daily video views on Snapchat
  • 8 Billion Daily views on Facebook