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What is is a part of AOL advertising that display advertisement.  It is one of the most preferred Ad Network of advertisers and publishers.  Publishers can have an access to AOL advertising by completing the sing-up process on   For an application to be approved, a site must have at least 500,000 monthly impressions.  The site will also undergo a thorough review and should not contain articles about firearms, hate, weapons, bombs, pornography, illegal activities, and direct link to the indecent sites and file sharing.

Aol Advertising Benefits

Ad integration

If your application to join AOL advertising was approved, the next thing you do is to implement the Ad Network on your blog.  When creating an Ad unit, you have to log in to your account on Pub Access.  Go to the Manage Replacement tab then choose “placement manager”.  On that page select “add new placement”, you may now select the site and its content on the list provided.  Finally, you should be able to name and choose a size for your ad placement, also do not forget to choose the monthly impression.  After the completion of form, you just have to wait since your application for a new placement can be approved within a few days or sometimes a week.  You will receive a special HTML code that you can embed on your site.  AOL Advertising is also compatible with Google Adsense so you will never have to worry on losing your membership on Adsense.  Plug-ins for WordPress and mobile ad unit is also available in this ad network.

Reporting and Control Panel

The control Panel is simple yet functional.  It is separated on a tab of Reports, Account, Dashboard, Help, and Placement.  The Dashboard immediately shows the information that you want to review like the reports on the past 30 days it also shows the performance of your placement.  Manage Placement tabs will allow you to modify your placement.  You can also add or delete placements on this tab.  Settings of your account can be checked or altered on the Account section and finally the Help tab gives you with the answers for the usual concerns of the publishers.  Report Tab is where you can review the summary of what happened in the past 30 days.  You can also customized the day and analyze the performance of your placement.

Aol Advertising for Advertisers and Publishers

Payment System

Payment system of AOL Advertising is based on revenue share or tiered CPM.  Minimum amount of payment is when your threshold reaches $25.  Payment can be sent through Paypal, Check or Direct Bank Deposit.


  • com has a large membership of the top advertisers. A whooping 92 of Ad Age’s 100 best advertisers.
  • High quality of advertisement
  • Offers different types of ads such as video, display and text ads.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Accepted in all countries.


  • Getting your registration approved can be quite difficult.
  • Approval of ad placement can take up to weeks in some instances.
  • Requires high monthly impression.