Next Millenium Ad Network Review 2020 (Ad Units, Info & More)

Next Millenium Ad Network Review 2020 (Ad Units, Info & More)

Ad Network Rating 5/5 Stars


Next Millenium is a programmatic ad network that works with publishers and advertisers to drive maximum revenue and performance. The company has two primary locations in New York and New Jersey with over a dozen employees and several Software Engineers/developers.

It’s a really good sign when a monetization company has a large roster of tech employees. Ad tech can be very complicated with prebid adapters being constantly changed and the landscape shifts often. You want a really strong company managing your ad inventory.

What is their website?

Who is their CEO?

According to their website, Lazar Rubin is the CEO of Next Millenium

Social media channels?


Do they have a phone number?


Can you contact them by email?

Do they have an adtech blog?

Which publishers work with next millenium?

If you look at their sellers.json file, you can all the publishers working with this ad network. It does look like they have a wide variety of websites using their monetization services. It is a good sign to see that they monetize inventory from a variety of verticals and top tier publishers.

Next Millenium Ad Units (Header Bidding & Custom Formats)

This ad network has a variety of high impact ad units for all devices (Desktop, Mobile & Tablet) which are connected to both direct and programmatic demand. These units focus on viewability and should have higher CPMs compared to traditional IAB banners. We like to see that they deploy units in various areas of your site and they may even have video advertisements.


next millenium desktop ad units


next millenium mobile ad units

Header Bidding, Unique Demand & Reporting Platform

If you are a publisher integrating with Next Millenium you can expect that they will be integrating their header bidding platform on the ad inventory they create. Their header bidding stack has the usual high performing SSPs along with high revenue generating campaigns from the most popular brands in the world.

It looks like there is a screenshot of a custom reporting platform on their website but it’s tough to know exactly how their monetization platform works or differentiates itself from competitiors like Freestar or Playwire.

According to their website it appears that Next Millemium does have unique demand outside all of the usual Supply Side Platforms. We can see that they have worked directly with brands like Fitbit, Delta, Nespresso, Puma, Grundig and Disney to launch advertising campaigns.

Are they worth it?

Overall, while much information is not out there about this company, we do believe that they are a solid choice for publishers who are looking for a partner to manage all of their monetization. This company has a ton of talent and we have not really heard many complaints about them. Let us know your experience if you have a story to share. When you work with them just make sure you negotiate favorable payment terms, understand if their is an exclusive lock in period and ask what the revshare is.