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Social Game Media Review

Social Game Media is a privately held company that offers many years of direct experience buying and selling digital media on the major exchanges such as AppNexus, Facebook, Google AdX and the now retired Right Media Exchange. Social Game Media optimizes the budgets of dozens of premium demand partners.

Brand advertisers reap the benefits as Social Game Media has direct relationships with trusted ad networks and exchanges who are able to offer the highest quality, brand-safe placements. All impressions are certified by TrustE and scanned by The Media Trust to minimize the risk of advertising and leaked data.

Major Clients:

Social Game Media Clients

  • The Top Clients that Social Game Media works with includes the likes of Microsoft, MGM Grand, Kraft, Groupon, Yahoo!, Livingsocial, Google, Priceline and Mint.


  • Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • Attract Qualified Customers
  • See Better Performance