The Insider’s Guide to Writing Clickbait Titles – The Secret Ingredient of Viral Marketing

There is no escaping from the fact that in today’s world, getting the attention of people is quite an extreme sport and an uphill task. There is a lot of information coming from all corners. Information overload is very real in today’s world. As content marketers or other individuals yearn for viewership and readership, not many people online are willing to give it to them, which makes it more than essential to implement even smarter strategies.

Clickbait titles surely get the job done in today’s age. The chances that an online user will click an article based on its title or headline are very high. In this sense, therefore, clickbait titles could help to get the job done. However, just like computer scientists and programmers who deploy various tools in optimizing their algorithms to make users hooked; there are also ways that content marketers can explore to craft clickbait titles that will win them the readership or viewership that they need.

Infuse a Sense of Urgency

Today’s online and social media world primarily operates based on emotions. People check out the content that seems to demand some form of urgent need or attention. Content with such headlines easily garners more readers or viewers, because of reasons of curiosity and exploration.

If you are in it for clickbait titles that will make your content go viral, then you might want to create your title while infusing some sense of urgency in it. This involves making the article’s title sound a must-read, and that readers stand to miss out if they do not readout. This exploits the Fear of Missing Out that is inherent in online and social media users, and you surely stand to get impressive results from this strategy. Just don’t go to the extremes.

Capture Something Huge

You need to give away something materially huge in the title if you want to make the clickbait thing work. Indeed, readers, more often than not, need to see something in a title before they mull clicking at that link. If you are a content marketer, then it means that you have already done some intensive preliminary research on the target audience before the content generation phase.

Make a point of capturing something huge that you know, undoubtedly, will leave them no choice but to open that link. This way, you can easily go viral, because most users would want to check it out for themselves instead of hearing it from a third party. Capturing something huge will make the day for you since you will stand to get more of those clicks as well as go viral at the same time.

Involve Numbers or Statistics

As much as it is all about getting the content out there and spicing up the title as much as possible; this should not be to the extent of diluting the entire thing. It is important to infuse an informative touch in the title. The use of some numerics or statistics that are relevant and legit can help a long way in enhancing the clickbait title.

Crafting the topic in such a way that includes numbers, like for instance, “5 ways to…”, or “63% of people…” can come in handy when increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the clickbait title.

To sum this up, it all boils down to how you craft the title, how the target audience will likely respond, and the nature of the content in question. However, working on the clickbait title will require you to tap into some fundamental areas of concern to the target audience.

Emma Robertson is a graduated digital marketing specialist and a content editor at She aims to apply her knowledge of digital content creation and optimization to help businesses network within their industries. In her spare time, Emma loves to cook vegan dishes and read high fantasy novels.