The Rubicon Project Overview

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Leading the automation of advertising.

Category Supply Side Platform
Monthly Stats 600+ Million Uniques per month
Traffic Minimum Generally High Comscore/Alexa Ranking
Payment Model N/A
Countries 100% Global Fill
Display 160×600, 300×250, 728×90, 300×600
Mobile N/A
Video N/A
Targeting Algorithmic

Rubicon is one of the large players in programmatic.

The Rubicon Project founded in 2001 is a public company (NYSE: RUBI) , more commonly known as Rubicon. Headquartered in California, Rubicon positions itself as a digital advertising infrastructure company that automates the buying and selling of advertising. With around 500 employees, Rubicon is well known as one of the largest Supply Side Platforms (SSP’s) in the industry, buying and selling immense amounts of ad inventory programmatically.

Rubicon recently announced that it has formed partnership with Apple to to take it’s iAd mobile platform to the next level with programmatic capabilities. and named one of the top platform for worldwide inventory quality by Pixalate

Capabilities of Rubicon

Rubicon Capibilities

Seller, Automation and Buyer Clouds.

Seller Cloud

  • Optimize digital advertising revenue for every impression safely and effectively. Thousands of proven algorithms learn and drive data driven results.
  • Top Brands connected to the Rubicon platform compete for ad inventory and drive high revenue.
  • Top of the line ad scanning security and multi-layer banning.
  • Open and transparenency of performance to maximize revenue for publishers.
  • Access to one of the largest RTB mobile exchanges.

Advertising Automation Cloud

  • Over 25,000+ CPU’s 260 Gb transit network and 2.4 PB of data processing on trillions of transactions.
  • Custom hardware engineered from raw materials.
  • Billions of transactions a month, millions per second.
  • 50K+ Algorithms to in RTB auctions.

Advertising Automation Cloud

  • Around 600 million unique users globally.
  • 40% of ComScore 100 websites
  • Multiple ways to access inventory: RTB, Static Bidding, Programmatic Guaranteed, Direct to Publisher orders
  • Curated top quality mobile inventory.