Google Ad Exchange Overview

Google Tiny Logo Google Ad Exchange Overview

Google Ad Exchange, also known as the DoubleClick Exchange, DoubleClick, or Google ADX is the most widely used and most reliable digital advertising exchange for publishers, networks and advertisers/agencies on the market today. DoubleClick has two main products to serve it’s clients, DoubleClick Digital Marketing known as DDM, and DoubleClick for Publishers DFP. Both are very powerful tools for full management ad management.

Google AdEx

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

DFP is the most widely used ad serving solution for publishers that want to build a custom and optimized advertising solution for desktop, mobile, app and online games. DoubleClick has many advanced features that make it the ideal ad server of choice for many publishers such as real time reporting, revenue optimization that allows AdSense and AdExchange to compete against other ad networks in your ad stack.

In DFP you have tools such ad advanced forecasting that help you determine the amount of available ad impressions you have to sell.

How DFP Works

In DFP, you create a new ad unit every time you want a new ad tag for a piece of inventory. These ad units are then able to be targeted by one or many ad campaigns. DFP generates a piece of JavaScript code for each ad unit that you place on your webpages, mobile or app inventory which enables DFP to serve ads.

With DFP you can thread in multiple ad networks at different price priorities, budget caps and targeting options to maximize the revenue generated from every single impression. Once you set your ad tags live, you are able to use DFP’s robust reporting system to evaluate granular digital advertising metrics.

DoubleClick Digital Marketing

The advertiser side of Doubleclick is known as DoubleClick for Digital Marketing or (DDM) allows advertisers and agencies to create manage and succeed in buying ad inventory on all devices and greatly optimize their digital marketing efforts. The main capabilities include:

DoubleClick Advertisers Screenshot

  • Ad Serving
  • Search Management
  • Rich Media Campaign Management
  • Buying inventory in real time
  • Cross channel marketing management

Overall, Google Ad Exchange is the #1 platform for buyers and sellers of ad inventory and the most reliable piece of technology in the digital advertising ecosystem.