What is the Difference Between iFrame and Javascript

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iFrame Vs. Javascript Tags in Digital Advertising

difference between iframe and javascript

Tag management is a category of digital advertising that takes a great deal of time to understand and master. 3rd party ad tags are often used in order to reduce discrepancies, allow ads to load and decrease the time it takes for ad server system to communicate with each other. iFrame and Javascript tags are the two most popular third party tags. You will now learn what is the difference between iframe and javascript tags.

Iframe Tags

Iframe really means “inline frame” and in coding is the equivalent of an object. It is used to include external html elements such as images, videos, digital advertisements or other formats. With an iframe tag you can embed a html page in another html page (like the matrix!)

iFrame tags start out generally as <iframe src = “>

Advantages of iFrame Tags

  • Safe and used mostly by ad serving technologies
  • Content is loaded before an advertisement which is important to a publisher
  • Reduce discrepancies in ad serving
  • Some browsers disable javascript
  • Height and width are part of the dna of the tag which gives more options on sizig
  • You can implement an iframe anywhere on a page

Disadvantages of iFrame Tags

  • Not supported by all browser types
  • Not good for search engine optimization sometimes
  • Not seen on certain device types

Javascript Tags

Javascript tags call upon a script with embedded code and tell the browser to read the JavaScript.  They are great for sites with intricate page layouts. They are inserted directly into the page html. Rich media formats such as slider units or expandable ad types are built with javascript.

Advantages of Javascript Tags

  • Supported by most popular browsers types
  • Not too taxing on the server
  • Easily accessible
  • Multiple ad sizes can be served through javascript

Disadvantages of Javascript Tags

  • Users may disable Javascript which removes the intended functionality of the ad
  • They load with the content of the site which could cause server load issues and drive users away

Now that you know the difference between iframe and javascript tags, test out the different formats and track results!