High CPM Ads for Blogs: Rich Media Slider

High CPM Ads The Rich Media Slider Unit

Revenue driven publishers are also looking for new and lucrative ways to monetize their ad inventory. The formula for success as a blogger in 2014 is having thousands of page views from targeted users and serving them relevant ads from a programmatic ad network. For some publishers, traditional iab size display revenue becomes stale after a while and they look towards other units to dramatically increase how much money they are earning from their blog. There is a balance that needs to be achieved between revenue generated and user complaints. If implemented properly, a slider unit can be highly profitable and not be an annoyance to the user. Publishers today are experimenting with monetization widgets like Insticator that provide revenue from user engagement.

High CPM Ads

High CPM Ads: Zedo Slider

This is a slider solution the digital advertising company Zedo can provide.

Benefits of a slider unit:

Slider units have many benefits for both the publisher and ad provider who has the technology to place the slider on your page and serve advertiser creatives into the unit. Here are the main benefits:

High CPM Ad- Slider units are eye catching and add a unique element to any page they are placed on. Generally, these high impact units are high cpm ads with solid performance metrics like click through rate. In turn, ad networks are able to offer high CPM’s for these units as they can generate nice margins and share the wealth with their publisher partners. You should expect a CPM in the $3-5 range. Before signing a fixed CPM deal with an ad network you should always know the value of your ad inventory.

New Revenue Source: Adding a slider unit to your website is adding a brand new unit that is stand alone from the existing unit so all money you make from it is additional cash in your pocket. It is important to benchmark the overall revenue your site generates once you implement the unit because if performance is very high and your users are clicking it all the time you may be shrinking your audience and not being paid enough from the ad network. Like any new implementation on your site always monitor and optimize. While sliders are high cpm ads, they also may be intrusive and drive users away from your website.

Versatile – Slider units are often a piece of JavaScript code that a network will provide for you and they can adjust the functionality on their back end. Common customization includes changing the size, speed, position, time it takes for the slider to load, if it pushes the content aside, border color and thickness and frequency cap. In the end, advertisers will want to make it work for you to have a long lasting partnership for both parties.

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