YSL National Makeup Artists Google Glass

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Photo Credit: Bloomingdales

YSL National Makeup Artists Wear Google Glass While Filming

Your Custom Makeup Application

YSL Cosmetics meets Google Glass in a world wide exclusive event Thursday, Sept. 4- Friday, Sept. 5 at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street.  Booked by appointment only, clients received a custom skincare preparation and consultation before being introduced to either YSL’s Director of Artistry Dell Ashley or National Makeup Artist Armando.

The Setup at Bloomingdales

The area was roped off and set up like an artists private studio giving a true VIP feel accommodating a maximum of 4 clients at time.   The skincare focus portion of the appointment was informative and luxurious.   After being matched with either Dell or Armando, both wearing Google Glass, they introduced new eye-color palettes and suggested the best choices to enhance your natural features.  Immediately after taking a “before” picture the video recording begins. Using the chosen palette the video tutorial includes the artist narrating the application including what brushes to use.  After a quick mascara application, an “after” picture is taken using the Google Glass with a swipe and a tap of the finger.

The video is emailed after the event allowing clients to access their custom tutorial from the comfort of their own homes.  Experience and master new fall cosmetic trends from YSL while being able to access professional advice from a Smartphone.

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