Marketing your Blog on Instagram Tips and Best Practices

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Instagram as a Social Network Linking to your Blog

Instagram is one of many social media outlets that’s blogs utilize to market their content and attempt to generate leads to their websites/blogs. Instagram is an interesting situation because in an effort to reduce link spam you are not allowed to post clickable links on each article, but there are still effective strategies to drive incremental traffic to your blog and grow an audience via Instagram. In time Instagram may add the ability to add short links directly into posts, which would be a game changer. Marketers are focused on foraging targeted communities and generally promote products and similar interest pages to grow a network of a targeted audience.

Where can you create direct links on Instagram?

Definitely need to expand our Instagram following!

Marketing on Instagram

The only place you can add a link to your Instagram is on your profile page. This is a positive and negative because while on each image you post you cannot add a direct link to your site to generate revenue, you can give the users a call to action to visit a written out link, or view your profile where a direct website link can be implemented. Your Instagram images serve as an advertisement for your website on what kind of content they may expect and if they like what they see they can quickly go to your profile page which contains the follow link and click to directly go to your website.

Traffic and Marketing Your Blog on Instagram 

While you may not generate thousands of impressions from this method it is still a free form of guerrilla marketing that will generate leads and grow over time as you add content to the Instagram page and gain likes, followers and commenters. You are also building credibility as a brand as end users trust brands that have established pages on all of the popular social media networks. viewers are on Instagram all day so you can clearly promote high quality images that represent your blog and embed your brand in their daily feeds. It’s worth testing to see the incremental impression gains.

Bonus Strategy: Multiple Category Pages

After extensive research there is a niche strategy that has proven effective for many blogs to maximize their Instagram traffic reaching their blog. Many sites have categories so great strategy is to set up multiple Instagram accounts for each category to capture audiences with varying interests. Here is an example below where Buzzfeed divided up their profile link with different account setups.


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