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Digital Advertising Free Online Tools

Build a Digital Advertising Empire!

To become a successful digital media entrepreneur you need to use a diverse set of free (and sometimes paid) online tools that are available on the web. The below compiled list are the staples that will allow you to build a web property, understand the competition around your niche and ultimate create actionable insights, optimize and dominate with digital advertising to monetize your website.

Learn how to use all of the below web tools in your arsenal and be well prepared to take on any challenge on the internet battlefield.

Free Digital Advertising Tools:

Competition Analysis

Alexa Small LogoAlexa. – A Web information company that gives publishers a measurement of how relevant their website is on the internet. Alexa can serve as a baseline measurement for the value of a website. With a premium account, you are given access to detailed trends and statistics. Use Alexa to evaluate your competition.

SimilarWeb Small LogoSimilarWeb – Like Alexa, SimilarWeb is another way that publishers can measure the relevance of their website. I like SimilaWweb because of the visually stunning interface and presentation of data. It gives a quick snapshot of traffic sources and trends.

SimilarSiteSearch Logo

SimilarSiteSearch – Looking for similar websites to any URL? Simply type in the site name and see how your competition stacks up.

Ghostery LogoGhostery – See hidden scripts, ad serving technologies, competitors and third party tools a website is running.


ClickZ Small LogoClickZ CPM Calculator – A staple for anyone working in the digital ad space! We love tools that instantly make CPM calculations. The tool can be used to figure out the cost of a campaign, the CPM or number of impressions (the variables are interchangeable)

WorthofWeb Small LogoWorthofWeb Calculator – This calculator gives you a snapshot of how much your website is worth by factoring a bunch of basic and public data. This includes: How much ad revenue it can generate per day, daily visitors, page views, alexa rank, google page authority and other data points.

DigitalAdBlog FaviconPay Per Click ROI Calculator – Find out the projected return on investment from your digital marketing campaign. Small LogoContent ROI Calculator – Calculate the ROI of your project using traffic, social shares, links and major placements as variables.

Social Media Automation

HootSuite Small LogoHootSuite – A free social media management tool that allows you to schedule tweets, Facebook posts and other social network updates from one control panel. Hootsuite gives you insight on your social media reach, growth and engagement. The premium version allows you to bulk schedule tweets. They even have a mobile app that works very well.

Blog Widgets

AddThis Small Logo AddThis AddThis is your source for the best free or premium social engagement and acquisition tools for websites on desktop and mobile. Their product line includes: Sharing Sliders, Responsive Sharing Buttons, Jumbo Sharing Counters, Mobile Sharing Toolbars, Reccomended Content Drawers and Marketing Overlays.


GetSiteControl – An alternative to AddThis, GetSiteControl has Some of the best and free or premium Survey, Contact, Promo, Subscribe, Follow, Share and Chat widgets.

Website Design


PikToChart – PikToChart is the easiest free infographic creator on the web. They have a wide variety of templates, icons and design to create the perfect infographic every time.

HTML Color Codes LogoHTML-Color-Codes –  HTML-Color-Codes has the best tools for finding HTML colors for you site. Their Colors from Image tool allows you to pull color codes from any uploaded image.

Stackoverflow Small LogoStackoverflow – The undisputed best forum for all things programming. A diverse community of professional and hobby programmers who can answer nearly any question you have.

HTML.Net Small – Learn the language of the web in easy and digestible steps. Free tutorials in HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript.

Wordle Small LogoWordle – Create word clouds from text that you can use all over your website.

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