The Heartbleed Bug: Your Internet Passwords At Risk

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According to Codenomican an American digital security company based in Saratoga, California, and a few security engineers at Google, the passwords you use on a daily basis may not really be safe. You know that “lock” icon that is next to a web url with HTTPS after it? It may proove to be useless after a loophole was discovered that can be used to debunk some of the Internets toughest security encryption protocols.


The breech in security loophole that was discovered is being called The HeartBleed Bug and exposes a vulnerability in the SSL (secure socket layer) cryptographic software library that over 3/4 of all web-servers use to secure protected data such as passwords, instant messages, emails and other personal data. Companies such as Lastpass, a password protection protection company and other social media hubs such as Tumblr released statements that they implemented extra layers of security and urged users to change their username and passwords. The worst part about the HeartBleed Bug is that a hacker can use it and leave no digital trace behind, making it the ultimate act of cyber terrorism.

The team who manages OpenSSL encourages any person and company to upgrade to the latest version of the SSL Library. New safe encryption keys should be issued and implemented as soon as possible, most importantly for accounts that have trade secrets or banking information.