ATL vs BTL Advertising

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Task: Define Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL) promotions and explain ATL vs BTL.


ATL vs BTLAbove the line advertising/promotion

ATL is a more traditional method of advertising, which includes television, radio, print, and cinema to promote brands of a specific offer. It is generally focuses on mass communications and not very personal with each customer. GRPS (gross rating points) are an advertising metric to measure how big the audience was that a specific media campaign reached. GRPS are used to show how strong the media campaign was. When designing an ATL campaign it is essential to understand how it will be paid for and if the returns are worth it, as many of these campaigns are considered highly expensive.

ATL vs BTLBelow the line advertising/promotion

BTL includes Discount promotions, sponsorship, trade marking, PR, word of mouth and Direct marketing. This method is efficient and very cost effective for targeting a specific demographic. It helps with brand recall and gives light to consumers of the important features of the product. These venues generally do not involve the media. They are short-term incentives aimed at consumers.

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