Programmatic Ad Impressions Transact in 200 milliseconds

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Programmatic Ad Impressions Video

MediaCrossing created a spot on video that demonstrates the life of a programmatic ad impression. The digital advertising ecosystem is complex, even with the lumascape and other infographics about RTB, it is difficult to understand the concept of programmatic.

When a user loads a web page with ad code, a bid request takes place and is fulfilled in 200 milliseconds to yield the highest CPM possible for a publisher, match a targeted ad to a user by integrating a variety of data sources, ad networks, and demand platforms and ultimately give the advertiser just what they ordered.

This instantaneous auction that occurs non-stop on the internet is purely amazing and demonstrates how far the industry has come from the stone age of buying and selling fixed banners space on cherry picked individual websites.

Here is a Summary of the RTB Process

  1. A user logs onto a web page and data is pulled from a a data management platform about the particular user
  2. Information is sent to an ad server and the server checks if there is is an ad to be served
  3. If there is no campaign to be served, the server requests a response from ad networks, exchanges and Demand Side Platforms.
  4. The ad will try to serve in programmatic ad impression direct way – private exchanges and if not an open ad exchange
  5. An open ad exchange sends a bid request to traders, ad networks and DSP’s with the information
  6. Data is targeted up with an algorithm from the buyer, a creative in selected and an ad is about to be served.
  7. Publisher ad server tells the browser to serve and ad and bid data is stored within the ad server.

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