Jeff Immelt: CEO of GE

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Jeff Immelt is the successor and appointed current CEO of GE after Jack Welch’s retirement. Immelts leadership strategy is derived from his powerful standing in the business world. Immelt has been named one of the world’s top 25 CEO’s and is well respected in the business setting. Immelt is a member of the business council and is on the board of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, both prestigious potitions.

Jeff immelt

On November 27, 2000 Jeff Immelt was chosen to be the next CEO of the company. He viewed his company not as a conglomerate but as a Collection of small companies that all had room to grow. Jeff described the corporation as a whole in BusinessWeek,“We run a multi business company with common cultures, with common management where the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Culture counts. The strength of GE is its diversity.” When thinking of his business level strategy this quote directly from Jeff himself depicts how he treats his employees and the vision of his business “I’m decisive, I’m accountable. I have good discipline. I believe in people; I know the difference between a good one and a bad one. A big job is how you pick people. I love change. I love trying new things. I really bring to the job a complete growth headset. I’ve had great experiences in technology and globalization, running sales forces and doing acquisitions, and I bring all those things to the job.” He invested his soul into the company. Immelt was seen as more of a coach to his employees while Welch was closely correlated as a general soldiering his troops. Both of these men were successful CEO’s during their times in GE because of their dedication, intelligence and decision making during tough times and a changing economy.

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