6 Tips for Creating Mobile Friendly Content

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;With the rise of the desire for brands and advertisers increasing in 2016, it is especially important for publishers to create content that is mobile friendly. Here are 6 quick tips for creating mobile friendly content. Credit:Vertical Leap

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6 Tips for Creating Mobile Friendly Content

Infographic Summary:

1. Effective Headlines
Use Punchy, inviting headlines that take up little space and encourage the reader to click through.

2. Clear URL’s
Google Will display clearer breadcrumb-style URLs in mobile results, so be aware of your site structure.

3. Get to the Point
Limited space means you must highlight key takeaways up front so readers needn’t scroll to find them.

4. Short Paragraphs
Break your text up into small chunks and bullets, this steers the reader and makes content easier to digest

5. Clear Call to action
Introduce your CTA early and make sure it’s easy to execute on mobile.

6. Optimize Your Content
Ensure your meta descriptions, page titles, headlines, text and images are all SEO friendly.