Mobile App Engagement Infographic

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Almost everyone has a smart phone in this day and age and adoption rates continue to increase exponentially. AppLift, a well-known data driven App monetization network created this infographic that shows key trends breaking down app usage for certain behaviors.

Infographic Summary

News – Morning Commuters

Morning commuters more regularly turn to their news applications to see what is happening globally and locally.  An average morning commuter launches a news app 15 times a month, for about 6 minutes mostly between the hours of 5AM-10AM. This trend is up 14% from 2014.

Social Media – Snacking Behavior

The way social apps are consumed is similar to the habit of snacking throughout the day, your always doing it! On average, a user will launch their apps 25 times for an average during of 2:30 per session mostly between the hours of 5-10PM. This is up 51% from 2014.

Music – Background Use

Most of us like to have music playing in the background while we go about our daily activities. 16 monthly launches with an average session length of 9 minutes and peak usage at 5 PM, this trend is up 79% from 2014.

Entertainment – Evening Commuters

Evening commuters like to be entertained while they are in transit. The statistics show 10 monthly launches with an average session length of 8 minutes between the hours of 5-10PM, a 22% increase from 2014.

Push messages lead to higher engagement across all categories

Push messaging opt-in rates

  • News – 46% with 28% Increased engagement.
  • Social Media 44% with 60% increased engagement.
  • Music 37% with 177% increased engagement.
  • Entertainment – 45% with 83% increased engagement.

Average CPI Per category

  • News – $3.04
  • Social Media $2.32
  • Music $2.67
  • Entertainment – $2.48