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Digital Advertising Formulas Cheat Sheet

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Make digital advertising simple with this easy to use cheat sheet! There are many formulas in digital advertising that you should remember to be a successful internet entrepreneur. Here is a handy digital advertising formulas cheat sheet for the basic calculations you will use every day. Share it, print it, tape

How to Calculate Conversion Rate

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What is Conversion Rate in Digital Advertising? The internet is a well oiled machine with clicks being the most basic action taken by a user. These clicks are essentially what keep the internet free by powering the digital advertising ecosystem. When an ad creative is clicked, an ad call (a

How To Calculate Impression Discrepancy

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What is ad impression discrepancy? Impression discrepancy can be a huge problem if you are working with an ad network and sending them large amounts of your digital inventory. impression discrepancy occurs when impressions are lost when you send an ad network impressions for them to fill with advertisements. The

How To Calculate CPC and CTR – Digital Formulas

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There are many 3 letter acronyms in digital advertising calculations. To be a master of the programmatic ecosystem, you need to know them all and when to use each calculation! Clicks and engagement are what drive the online advertising model. Understanding the calculations behind clicks is essential for your knowledge

Basketball Statistics 101: Four Factor Model

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Chapter 28 is called basketball stats 101: The four factor model and this chapter describes how basketball stats are tracked, which stats are important and how individual players and teams should be assessed based on stats. The NBA box score is the official way that game stats are kept