How To Bond As A Staff At A Digital Marketing Agency

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The world of digital marketing was rocked during the height of the pandemic. So many agencies went fully remote with some returning to hte office while others stayed fully remote. Hybrid models were also adopted although some marketers vowed to never return to the office. Building a bond among a staff that is fully remote is going to be different than doing so in the office. A rapport can make collaboration which is so important at an agency as sales, production, SEO, and content all has to work together. The following are tips to help foster rapport between staff at a digital marketing agency. 

A Fun Activity To Do During Work Hours

Heading to a Durham escape room or one in the Triangle Area can be a blast. There are escape room options in most cities that vary in quality and in price. Doing this during working hours can be a fun way to bond as a team for certain employees. There are other things that can be done like a beach day if you live in the right location or even a trip to a theme park. 

Physical Or Virtual Happy Hours

Happy hours can be a blast whether they are done traditionally or in a virtual fashion. Virtual happy hours can still be covered by the company with a gift card to Drizly or DoorDash. The happy hours can be done during working hours as asking people to do a remote happy hour after work is not going to go well. People will skip happy hours that are not during work hours as bonding should be done on company time rather than personal time. The company is the entity that benefits through the relationships that are created at the company for the most part. 

Holiday Parties Including Staff Trivia

The staff that worked together in the office will likely be closer than those hired after a company has gone remote. Learning things about one another is far easier in the office. Trivia about the staff during virtual holiday parties can allow new hires to get to know the staff. Understanding a person’s background or interests can build a sense of rapport that can be valuable down the road. Building a comfortable professional relationship can make it easier to ask for a favor or two down the road. 

Hiring Talented Employees That Fit The Company Culture

A company’s culture is going to be vastly different by the organization. Hiring the most talented individuals might not be great for the company’s morale. Certain employees might want specific things that are not great for the company as a whole. This could be a promotion without earning it or using the job to leverage an offer from another company. With this being said, talented individuals can lead to success and morale tends to be high when a business is thriving. Employees that are rewarded when the company does well will push for talent over culture fit as it directly impacts their income.