4 Tips for Getting Started Freelancing in the Digital Ad Industry

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Freelancing can be a great way to turn an interest into a career. If you’ve always had an interest in digital advertising, then there’s no better time than now to start learning more about how to turn this into a source of income. There are lots of benefits to freelancing, from being able to choose your own schedule, to being able to charge more and ideally working less hours, through to choosing your own clients and focusing on projects that make you come alive. Keep reading to learn my top 4 tips for getting started freelancing in the digital advertising agency.

1. Find Your Niche
There are so many different types of digital advertising, it would be wise to find one or two that you’re going to focus on and to really hone your skills in them. Some suggestions of places to start include social media advertising, such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest advertisements. You might also want to consider becoming a Google Ads manager, helping people manage their Pinterest accounts or search engine optimisation. You’re going to want to invest quite a bit of time and energy to learn more about the specific advertising type, so be sure to choose one that interests you.

2. Dive Deep Into It
You want to learn as much as possible about current strategies that work for your industry before you start your freelancing profile up. There are so many resources available online for free in places such as Youtube, which is a good place to start. I also really suggest following leading social media accounts of relevant experts in the advertising industry you’re looking to get into. That way you can keep up to date with any important changes or new strategies that might give you exceptional results. Looking to get your hands on some delicious wine? Why not check out Covingtonhillcountry.com.

3. Offer to Work for Cheap
In the beginning it may make sense to work for really low rates to get some feedback on your profile. If you’re on a platform like Upwork, where you have to bid for opportunities, you can explain in your pitch that you’re going much lower than usual because you want to build up a portfolio of experience. As you are able to offer more to your clients and your feedback rating goes up, you can begin to increase the amount you charge each month until you’re at a salary point that feels comfortable to you.

4. Don’t Stop Learning
The reality is the digital advertising industry is constantly changing, as there are updates on social media software and Google, it means that it’s important to be constantly learning to keep up with the frequent changes. If you get comfortable and complacent, you’ll probably fall behind in the latest strategies, which could impact the results you’re able to get your customers. You can click here to learn more about a great crm software that can help you be more efficient, so you have more time and energy to focus on your digital advertising freelancing project.

Getting started in any freelancing industry can feel overwhelming, but especially one as competitive and fast paced as the digital advertising industry. I hope these tips help you get set up quickly so you can obtain your first advertising contract.