Media Direct CEO Scott O Hirsch on Why Multi-Channel Marketing Is Here to Stay

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In the midst of the digital era, it’s understandable to assume that almost all marketing in 2021 takes place online. According to Scott Hirsch CEO of Media Direct, though, multi-channel marketing – a marketing approach that combines multiple promotional channels into one cohesive strategy – is here to stay. With the right strategy, Scott Hirsch CEO assures his clients that multi-channel marketing can be a powerful tool and one that is likely to remain a viable tool for many years to come. 

Scott Hirsch CEO Explains Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing involves constructing a single, overarching marketing strategy that involves making use of multiple promotional channels (for example, radio, digital marketing, print media, and so on). Scott Hirsch CEO points out that it isn’t the specific promotional channels that define multi-channel marketing but rather the act of combining multiple promotional channels into an overall marketing strategy. A multi-channel marketing strategy, therefore, can combine any number of promotional channels and marketing initiatives – as long as those initiatives are working together toward a common goal. 

Scott Hirsch CEO on Why Multi-Channel Marketing isn’t Going Away 

Today, there are some who predict that the internet will soon eclipse every facet of commerce and society, including marketing. According to Scott Hirsch CEO, though, these predictions aren’t likely to come true anytime soon. Even in 2021, multi-channel marketing remains a vital component of any successful marketing strategy. 

Scott Hirsch CEO says that there are numerous reasons behind the staying power of multi-channel marketing. While the online sphere does continue to play an increasingly influential role in the life of the average customer, customers are still influenced by plenty of other means as well, from the billboards they drive past to the ads they see on television and beyond. According to Scott Hirsch CEO, this isn’t likely to change anywhere in the foreseeable future, and successful companies will have to continue leveraging multiple promotional channels for the best results. 

The most important reason why multi-channel marketing is here to stay, though, is the fact that it allows companies to construct a cohesive brand message and present that message to customers from all possible angles. By combining multiple promotional channels into a single marketing strategy, Scott Hirsch CEO says that it is much easier for companies to create a consistent customer experience built around a cohesive brand message. 

Thanks both to its effectiveness at allowing companies to create an overarching brand message along with the fact that there is a wide range of promotional channels that will remain effective for many years to come, Scott Hirsch CEO is confident that multi-channel marketing is here to stay.