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Technorati Review

Technorati offers content monetization for publishers who are members of its ad network, and they have been in business since 2002 although the ad platform was inaugurated in 2008.

Technorati is a real-time platform that gives you a chance to search blogs and discover what is of interest. By typing your search terms onto the query bar on the homepage, you are allowed access to the world of Technorati network. It is possible to access targeted search results by making use of the advanced search bar.

Technorati Acquisitions 

  • Nov 16, 2010 Silicon Valley Moms
  • Oct, 2008 AdEngage
  • Aug 26, 2008 Blogcritics

As a CPM ads enterprise, Technorati can be utilized by any webmaster to upgrade earnings although the first hurdle to be scaled is passing the acceptance test, like most ad networks out there. You need to have an application form filled in order for your site to be reviewed. Subsequently, you will receive a tax form if accepted and within two weeks, your ad links and site access information will be at your fingertips.

Technorati RTB Review

Technorati has a logical method of listing blogs, with the newer entrants, found at the bottom of the blog directory page: called Technorati Blog finder and it is accessed by topics.

The most popular tags on the network can be found on the Technorati tag page. Every blogger uses tags to identify subjects they write on and for easy identification by site users. (Update: This feature is now gone)

All tags are divided into categories along with a list of what is most searched around the web. These are subdivided into books, movies and news, etc. If you are able to log in daily, you have a better chance to grasp the trends and issues around the globe.

AD Format Review

The ad format is structured as expandable ads, sidebar/background, Video pre-roll ads, and interstitials/overlays. The sizes include 728x 90, 300 X250 and 160x 600. No publisher is allowed to use more than two types of the same ad on any page.

The pay rate for Technorati ad network is decent with an average of $0.4 and earnings are available for cash-out after 60 days of building up the minimum allowed payment. The processing times for payment are timely and commendable.

Earnings are determined on the basis of CPM, PPC and CPC respectively, and remittances are made via checks or PayPal.


  • Fast approval process
  • Laudable CPM rates
  • Large ad base and inventory
  • Quality ads
  • Good support network
  • Access to 3rd party ad servers

Quite uniquely, a review of the bulk of traffic generated shows that a larger percentage comes from the UK and the US. The network pays well for websites with traffic from these locations. Gambling, adult content and illegal activities are not allowed on the Technorati ad network.

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