Tocuweb, founded in 2016 runs a network of ad sites where they post articles from publishers and serve high quality ads provided by direct advertisers, globally. They have offices in Seattle and Moscow, soon to be in Hong Kong and London this year. TOCU stands for TOCU – Technology of the Optimal Content Usage.

They also develop and run a special SEO software. The TOCUweb tool helps generate a large amount of unique content from one original article by changing its code. After it is done the article can be posted on several thousands of blogs without any penalty from Google. Free, high quality organic traffic! They are directly connected to over 3,000 blogs!

How does it work?

Special software replaces Latin letters (A, C, O, B and others) in the article with the same letters from other languages (Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, etc.) After this change you see the same text, because the letters look absolutely the same. But for Google it will be 2 absolutely different, unique texts!

With Tocuweb, Every article contains thousands of letters. Our software can change them in different combinations and create as many unique texts as you need. All necessary keywords and hyperlinks are saved original.

So you can just input the original article, press the button and then receive up to 1,000 new unique articles for your advertising campaign! For peace of mind, you can use any online plagiarism checker, such as, to confirm that the content you generated is plagiarism free.