Mad Men Season 7 is Coming.. Here’s a Preview

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Mad Men is coming back to AMC with the season finale debut set for April 13, 2014.

Season 6 ended with Don potentially blowing a huge deal with Hershey’s that was about to be closed and the firm asked don to take months off from work. Don’s life has been spinning out of control at an expontential rate with his alcoholism reaching a new peak, Don cheating on his wife  with multiple women and visions of his past continuing to haunt him.


It has been said by TV guide that Don Draper will most likely not start working at his firm right away but find other “creative outlets” to continue the saga. At this point in the critically acclaimed series Don has messed up his marriage, his kids (his daughter walked in on him with another woman) and his alcoholism has spun violently out of control. Season 7 will answers alot of  cliff hanging questions from season 6.

Matthew Weiner, the creator of Mad Men did not make it clear if the character Bob Benson would be back to complete the final season. The only comment Weiner gave is “You will have to watch.” The final season will be split into two halves and allow viewers to savor each episode. The final season will span all the way into 2015 with the second half of the season beginning in Spring, 2015.

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