Great Websites for Digital Media News

Top websites for digital media news, views and concepts The digital ad space is very intricate and interlinked. Take one look at the Lumascape and you can imagine why: If an industry professional tells you that they understand exactly how the LumaScape works, they are either a genius or lying and

Analyzing a Publisher’s Performance Metrics

In online advertising reporting and analysis is a big part of determining weather a campaign is successful or not in both the short and long term. I have used many reporting systems during my career in the online ad space and my favorite by far is Appnexus. It is

What is Real Time Bidding? (RTB)

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Learn Digital advertising: What is Real Time Bidding? If you breathe and live in the Online Advertising space, you most definitively have heard the term Real Time Bidding or more commonly known as RTB. This is a relatively new technology to even people who consider themselves to be veterans of

What is Alexa Toolbar and how can it be used?

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Website traffic data – essential for the digital ecosystem If you work in the world of Online Advertising you have probably heard about a toolbar called the Alexa Toolbar Alexa is a “Web Information Company” that collects data by utilizing cookies from users who surf the web. It collects

Popular Web Retention Techniques

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The most popular site features that impact loyalty include: Saving money, time, free shipping and a wide array of inventory and selection. Along with key features, there are specific tools and policies that encourage return visits, including: free or flat shipping, order tracking, privacy policies and rebates and coupons. Voting, Polls and