Hello, Color and Shape: 6 Logo Trends We’ll See in 2020

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logo trends 2020

What are the logo trends set to dominate this year? Learn all about what should be included in your logo design, whether it’s a re-design or logo from scratch!

Staying abreast of the latest logo trends is crucial to keep your brand fresh, relevant, and impactful. The current logo trends of 2020 are a mashup of retro styles and modern designs. Think neon 1980’s fonts and colors juxtaposed against a clean, streamlined background.

Here are the top six logo design trends of 2020 that will give your logo an edge over your competitors.

1. Minimalistic Logo Trends

One of the most popular 2020 logo designs that we’re witnessing, that’s carried over from 2019, is simple and clean designs.

This logo design trend was partially born out of necessity. Due to clients using a wide array of devices and social media platforms, brands want a simple logo that can easily translate across all social channels. Intricate logos that are design-heavy simply won’t cut it because they will need to be tweaked for different devices and applications.

And let’s face it – no designer wants to create a dozen variations of the same logo.

2. A Throwback to the 80’s

Enough time has finally gone by to make the 1980’s cool again. Think vintage video games, vinyl, and the bigger-than-life attitude that embodies the decade of neon and MTV.

The ’80s are making a resurgence, and in full force. In 2020, the design world can bet on seeing a ton of neon, chrome, and pixels. Additionally, current logo trends will tip their hat to the old-school technology that came before smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

3. Authenticity is Key

One of the most critical logo design ideas for this year is authenticity. A unique logo that boldly captures your business’s values while communicating your mission (and not necessarily in words) will make your brand stand out from the static of competitors and stand up to the podium.

4. Rawness and Realness

In this age of Instagram and Facebook stories, customers want a backstage pass to the people behind the brand. They are seeking the realness of businesses and want to relate to your brand on a human level.

One great way to relate to customers is to utilize designs that aren’t perfect. A logo design that looks like it came right out of a sketchbook, uneven lines, cross-hatching, contour shading, and all, enables your brand to convey a truly real, homegrown look and feel.

5. Super Thin Lines

2020 is embracing delicate, ultra-thin lines that create logos that can only really work in a digital realm.

Thanks to their detail, these complex logos feel exquisite and ethereal. Brands are no longer shackled to print restrictions. Dynamic, detailed logos are becoming the new norm.

6. Little to No Text

Logo trends in 2020 don’t need to say anything to get their message across. While this trend may be tough for a startup, well-known brands are trimming the fat and using only the bare essentials.

The new Starbucks logo only uses an image to tell their story.

Logos that Captures Your Brand’s Essence

Whether you opt for a totally radical 80’s logo, a fine-line design, or something super simple, these six logo trends for 2020 are the perfect way to boost your brand’s reach.

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