Playwire Ad Network Review 2021 – Ad Units, Info & More

playwire ad network review

Ad Network Rating 5/5 Stars

Playwire is a Top Header Bidding and Video Network

Playwire is a revenue amplification platform for publishers specializing in gaming (video game) websites. They are Google Certified Publishing partner and offer a full service header bidding wrapper, Data Management Platform (DMP), Ad Server, Direct sales and video units. They even over unique features we don’t see in other ad networks such as a CCPA complaint monetization solution for publishers who serve advertisements to children and as an eCommerce ad server.

What are some examples of video game Websites?

  • Core Xbox – Xbox News, Deals and Analysis
  • – Gaming news in all categories
  • IGN – Video Game reviews, news and walkthroughs
  • Destructoid – Well known gaming news and review website.

Email Brad Bailes, Director of Business Development for more information

Bradley Bailes - Director of Business Development - Playwire Media |  LinkedIn

Summary of Playwire for Publishers

Playwire has been around since 2007 and started out as a publisher which eventually blossomed into a publisher monetization network. They work with 100’s of publishers and you can see that they work win a ton of large gaming sites by inspecting their sellers.json file. Looking at their stats, we can see they manage 450+ publishers, 12 billion video and display ads and 1.5 billion streamed video per month. Let’s dive into a Playwire Ad Network Review.

If you are looking to sign up as a publisher, you should make sure you have a sufficient amount of unique users, good content, a high alexa/similarweb rank. They mostly work with medium-large sized publishers however they may take you on if you are growing and look to be a good fit for their ad network.

Services: Header Bidding, Outstream Video, Unified Reporting, Direct Sales and Full Service ad management.

Contact Information

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Trendi – Video Ad Units

Their offering includes a video player that comes with contexually relevant content, programmatic demand and direct sales all in one. In this Playwire Ad Network review we wanted to provide information about their video units specifically since they are so popular. You can see a demo of all Playwire video units here. These units provide purely incremental revenue from a marketplace of premium video advertisers.

trendi corner playwire example
Trendi Corner can be found on the right corner of a publisher page and will thread ads in between entertaining content. The ad within the unit is served either as a pre-roll or mid-roll.

Playwire Header Bidding

Not only does this ad network offer powerful video units, but they have a robust header bidding platform for publishers. Playwire’s header bidding platform is connected to all the major Exchanges and DSPs however they also have a direct sales team and bring direct brand dollars through the wrapper.

You can expect high performance on all the standard ad unit sizes such as 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 300×600, and 320×50 but also you can experiment with custom ad units. Here is an example of a Desktop Adhesive Bottom Rail:

There is a reason that they have over 450 publishers and that is because they simply generate solid revenue for their publisher publishers. We think you should give Playwire a shot today!

playwire publisher testimonial

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