Will You Lose Your Job to Automation?

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Lose Your Job to Automation

Once upon a time this question would have never been posed. Or, it would have just been reserved for the movies. Will you lose your job to automation?

Now, automation is a big reality and something that will affect some sectors more than others. There are some jobs that are never going to be replaced by automation – and this is always worth keeping in mind when you mull over the topic.

At the same time, this isn’t something that just hones in on specific jobs. There are some skills which also appear immune to the concept of automation, with this source providing a few excellent examples. In fact, in a lot of cases, these skills aren’t just immune – the demand for them will increase as we get more used to automation. It is thought that there will be a 91% increase in advanced IT skills and programming, while there should be a 69% rise in the needs for basic digital skills.

What is Automation?

All of the above should not come as a surprise when you start to understand what automation is. This is where a lot of people trip up; they think that automation is effectively robots taking over the world. As it turns out, people need to create these robots, maintain them and improve them. Not only that, but even after we create these systems, a human element is needed for most of the tasks that surround the main automated process.

The above is something that we should never forget but unfortunately, if studies are to be believed, many of us do. We are worried about the concept of automation and think that it is going to take over our jobs and livelihood. In reality, while some jobs will be lost, many others will be created. The nature of these jobs will be that they will be higher paid ones – and this is something that often escapes the attention of people who express concerns about automation. 

It’s also worth taking a look through the history books. Over the years, productivity in America has sunk. This cannot be credited to technology. After all, if we look at the era between 1948 and 1973, this was the period in which the American economy grew faster than ever before. It also coincided with a lot of technological advancements such as refrigerators and washing machines being brought to the mass market. These were developments that supposedly put milkmen and full-time household servants out of work – yet do we ever speak about this in today’s world?

The word is changing and so is Automation

In short, the world has always changed – and will continue doing so. Some of the automation projects that we are seeing should not be concerning and we should instead embrace them. Sure, some jobs will be lost, but at the same time many more will be created. This is where you need to be able to accept change and adapt your skills.

Remember, automation and robots don’t just appear on a random Monday morning. It takes years of research and you will know a long time in advance if this is something that might mean that your existing job is no longer required. If you can see this on the horizon, there will be umpteen more opportunities to take advantage of. We hope you never lose your job to automation!