Improve your Website with Yahoo SEO and Bing SEO

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In the world of SEO, many people rate Google first, which is quite true. However, to most people, SEO ends with Google. Consequently, many marketers miss out on the opportunities Yahoo! and Bing SEOs provide. These search engines have a fair share in the traditional Chinese market, with Yahoo! ranking second in Taiwan (9% market share), next to Google. Bing comes in third place with a market share of 1%. In 2017, they both had a combined market share of 13% in Hong Kong – a report generated by StatCounter. These two giant search engines have an alliance; hence, the reason for the market share combination. Apart from Google, you can increase your site ranking on Yahoo! and Bing.

How Can I Improve My Site Visibility?

Site owners who need to index their websites on Yahoo! and Bing have to send their websites to Bing Webmaster Tools – a free service under Bing search engine that grants websites access to the Bing Index Crawler. Owners can view their website’s performance in Bing and perform other activities as well. However, Bing crawls index URLs and websites less often than Google.

SEO Keywords

Unlike Google, Yahoo! and Bing use straightforward or exact keywords to pull out results from search queries. Broad-matching keywords don’t seem to go well with these search engines. You can optimize your site on these platforms by using simple and straightforward keywords. According to Dallas SEO Geek, keywords contribute to the amount of traffic on your site. If you want to improve your page ranking, then include keywords that visitors can search easily.

Many site owners battle with page ranking because they select keywords based on search frequency, placing them in competition with over 90% of other businesses out there with the same keywords vying for 20% of traffic. This leaves 80% of traffic untapped. It isn’t bad to target more competitive traffic; however, do not leave out the rest.

Optimizing Title Tag

One of the elements of Bing that is used to display web pages in search results is the title tag. Here is a key takeaway; improve the SEO of your site by including a short and precise HTML title to the queries used to search your website. Keywords in your title tags should also be simple and straightforward for Yahoo! SEO.

Understanding The Importance Of Backlinks

Backlinks improve the visibility of a site and it is an important aspect of an SEO in search engines, including Yahoo! and Bing. When using the latter, the number of links on your webpage from other sites closely depicts the site’s page ranking. The correlation between these two factors can be as high as 0.29. Site owners can improve the result by adding keywords in the backlinks’ anchor text according to the vetted SEO pros at backlink-masters..

SEO Techniques

There are other ways to improve a page ranking using SEO. They centre on the four pillars of SEO, namely: technical SEO, content, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO.

Ensure that your website has a fast page load time as it improves site ranking.

Keep sitemap clean and updated. Remove unwanted URLs.

Your content should be high-quality in terms of freshness, relevance, and presentation.

Web pages to be indexed require that you set Robots.txt appropriately.

With Yahoo! and Bing SEOs, you can reach out to a wider audience, thereby boosting your site’s traffic and reputation.