An Ultimate Guide: Video Marketing For 2020

video marketing guide 2020

It is no secret that video is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools available today. It is widely used across the globe when marketing different products and services to people of all ages. This is attributed to the video representation effect brought about by videos that drives the message home. Videos are captivating and can maintain client attention as with because the information or the message in the videos is visualized. You need a good video marketing guide to make the right decisions.

2020 draws closer, more and more marketers have realized that there is a need
to shift to effective video marketing. With the latest trends and different
platforms to utilize for video marketing, you should have an idea of where to
start from. Here is an ultimate guide to video marketing 2020.

video marketing guide audience

Choose your Target Audience

your target audience clearly. This will enable you to design a video format and
content that match your preferences.

Define your Goals

need to define your goals, what is your purpose for designing your video and
what are you trying to achieve. This will make the whole process easy and it
will enable you to choose a video that allows you to achieve your ultimate

Define your Content Creation Strategy

is king when it comes to video marketing. Therefore, you need to pay attention
to the kind of message you are going to market. Remember, videos traverse
physical boundaries especially with social media platforms including Facebook
and YouTube. You can post your videos on these platforms to address
far-reaching clients.

creation is, therefore, a significant step that helps you to provide quality
and accessible information to your target audience. The right message can
attract and maintain a loyal client base. Content in video marketing brings
about great leads compared to many forms of traditional marketing options.

video marketing guide content creation

create the best content for your video marketing, you need to set the right
goals. Understand your target audience, ask yourself who you are addressing,
determine which is the best way to address them and which type of video
marketing type that will appeal to them best. By answering these questions, it
becomes easy to design a video marketing strategy that is tailored to address
the needs of your clients.

get creative with your ideas to help you settle for the best video format or
video type to use.

Choose the right type of Video Marketing to Use

you have defined your audience and created the right content, you must choose
the right type of video to use. There are amazing and effective types to settle
for including;

  • Brand videos that are effective for your advertisement and
    marketing campaign on social media. They generate and boost your brand
    awareness and traffic.
  • Explainer videos market your products by explaining how they
    work. They are captivating and entertaining.
  • Event videos document experiences, solid memories and offer
    highlights. They are perfect for events businesses.
  • Live Videos are perfect for addressing audiences across
    social media platforms. They are excellent if you want to get creative when
    marketing your products and services.
video marketing workflow
  • Disappearing videos are ideal when you want to capture the attention of target audience with urgency.
  • Educational Videos are informative and teach your clients how they can benefit from your products and services.
  • Demo videos showcase your products and services.
  • Expert Interviews gives you authority as you deliver valuable ideas to clients.
  • Personalized messages videos send texts to boost client loyalty among your audiences.
  • Case study and client testimonial videos boost your social proof and influence your audiences to explore your products.
  • Animated videos are eye-catching, entertaining and explain the deeper concept of your business.
  • AR or Augmented Reality Videos are advanced that add a digital layer to an advert.
  • Virtual reality videos are effective and address more clients because they can be accessed on different devices including Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. They are novelty videos with a highly interactive aspect.

in 2020, it is vital to keep up with the latest video marketing options and
choose the best for your business. 

Have a good Budget

is worth to set aside a good budget for your video marketing. Regardless of the
type of video you choose, you need to have the right budget, resources and
professionals to get the job done. A good budget will cater for your expenses
and ensure a smooth process of designing your video marketing campaign. The rule of thumb is to get clear
with your goals, identify possible limitations and explore the best
opportunities with a good budget.

Decide where to Publish

With a video marketing idea, your goals, a good budget and you have the right type of video format to use, you need to decide where to publish. There are different platforms for your video including Facebook, YouTube, your Website, Snapchat Stories, Vimeo, Twitter and Instagram among other platforms. In this case, choose a platform that addresses your target audience and matches your video marketing goals 2020 and publish your video

facebook video marketing guide

After publishing, try to resolve creative challenges, measure the success of your video, and optimize your video marketing. Follow the best SEO practices when publishing or editing your video to make the most of your video marketing. We hope this video marketing guide brings you big profits!