5 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your Backlink Campaign

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Improve Your Backlink Campaign

Backlink strategies to improve your backlink campaign are a crucial part of digital marketing. By implementing them effectively, you can help drive traffic to your website, raise page rank, build brand reputation, and foster relationships. For your online marketing campaign to succeed, incorporate the following backlink strategies.

Broken Links

Before you start strategies requiring any form of outreach, make sure the links on your website are in tip-top shape. Locate any broken links and fix them immediately. Broken links can affect your authority both on the perspective of your audience and search engines. They lower user experience and make web crawlers think your website is a dead-end and, therefore, lacking in usability. This can undermine your SEO efforts in the long run.

There are a variety of broken link checkers online to help you remedy the issue.

Create Guest

Improve Your Backlink Campaign with guest posts

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Guest blogging allows you to build your online
network by having your content featured. This expands your brand’s reach and
target audience while driving traffic back to your website. It also helps to
build a positive reputation, authority, and relationship with other websites
and/or organizations in your field. This benefits your brand in the long-term,
opening up a variety of online marketing opportunities in the future.

To benefit from this strategy, you have to:

  • Choose your partners wisely. Consider your
    target audience. Which websites would they be frequenting? Create a list of the
    sites that may interest your potential and/or existing market. Make sure that
    these sites also have both website authority (relevant to your industry) and
    social authority (level of influence on social media). Determine their rules on
    guest posting and/or sharing to ascertain if they are a fit. Once you’ve
    identified the right partners, focus on building your relationship with them.
  • Develop your pitch. Make a great first
    impression by creating a well-thought-out proposal. Take note of the site’s
    goals, readers, and the other articles so you know what topics would interest

User-Generated Content

This is arguably one of the most difficult things to achieve. It involves getting your target audience to actively engage with your business and encourage them to create original content for your brand. You’ll have to come up with some creative ways to do so, including:

  • Holding a contest
  • Featuring client photos and posts
    on your website or social media
  • Hosting an event
  • Having a giveaway

on Online Directories

Signing up for online directories offers
various benefits, one of them being a sure-fire method of generating backlinks.
Online directories like Google My Business, Yelp, or Better Business Bureau are
well-known, reputable, and high-ranking, with a steady influx of user traffic.
Choose websites relevant to your location and industry so that you can maximize
your efforts. Going with a niche directory can get you an audience who may be
much further along in the buying cycle.

Existing Content

Repurpose Existing Content

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Don’t stop at generating content. Reuse and transform great pieces into fresh ones by branching out to other media. Quality blog posts can be repurposed as infographics or even vlogs. This increases shareability and allows you to make use of old (but still relevant) posts. If you’ve created enough content in the past, you can also turn it into a more in-depth white paper or e-book. Promote it on various digital media outlets to make the most of it.

Take advantage of backlink strategies to bolster your online marketing campaign. Strategize, develop a plan, and implement it efficiently. These are only a few strategies and some of them may be a little tricky and require more attention. Build a dedicated digital advertising team or hire an SEO consulting firm like Local SEO Search to help you get your website and brand name the online recognition it deserves. With a little creativity, some brainstorming, and a bit of help from the experts, you may be able to see your traffic — and even sales — skyrocket and your investment pay off.