Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories

The unveiling of the latest feature of Instagram- Instagram Stories has sparked up a debate, there are groups who highly favor this latest development, and there are others who accused the photo sharing site of blatantly copying the popular feature of a competing social media platform, Snapchat Stories. But we all know that the features of the large players in the social media are an imitation of various platforms, for instance, the ‘like’ option of Facebook is directly attributed to FriendFeed. More importantly, let us analyze the difference and the ability of these two amazing platforms when it comes to sharing stories.

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The Audience Behavior

Based on the daily active users, Instagram is still the more preferred site by the audience with over 300 million daily active users while Snapchat settles for 150 million. Local people also prefers the use of Instagram since this platform managed to accumulate at least 100 million US members while Snapchat only has 26 million American users. Both platforms attract the same audiences from teenagers up to people ages 34 years old, unfortunately for Snapchat; they are still lagging behind the numbers of Instagram. Instagram also receives a higher percent engagement as the average stay of the users on the site is around 20 minutes. This is one of the major advantages of Instagram Stories over Snapchat.

Search ability

The search capacity has got to be one of the major drawbacks of Snapchat since they do not offer the user with search feature. You do not have the ability to find the other users or content. Instagram, on the other hand, offers various ways to locate people and content. You may locate people using their username, name or find content using a hash tag or tailoring the graphic location.

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories Features

When analyzing the much-debated feature, there are different points that we want to tackle such as the information listed below.

  • Drawing- The drawing tool provided by Instagram is definitely more advance when compared with Snapchat. When choosing the color, Snapchat Stories provides a slider tool while Instagram Stories offer a side by side color palette. It also comes with an inherent tool for changing the size of the pen. However, when it comes to the emoji, Snapchat’s offerings are more flexible.
  • Geofilter- In case you want to customize a filter to reflect a particular situation or location, the geofilter of Snapchat will frame your video with themes and branding. They also allow you to make and utilize your personal geofilter. This is something that is not available with Instagram Stories.

The Functionality of Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories

Both stories feature offers a 10-second limit and a 24-hour display period. When it comes to the messaging system, Snapchat Stories offers a more diverse option as it allows you to send message using images with lenses and text while Instagram only allows you to send message with text. Users will also receive a notification through Snapchat in case someone took a screenshot of their content.


Snapchat Stories provide greater filters, emojis and with a various customization effect. Instagram, on the other hand, has a wider reach. Only time can tell if the loyal users of Snapchat will be swayed in using the Instagram Stories.