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The Ways Bots Commit Digital Fraud (and How To Avoid It)

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Digital fraud has been on the rise since the dawn of the internet. And one of the easiest ways to commit digital fraud is to automate it. Using bots for fraud has become commonplace. Why? Because bots allow sneaky fraudsters to scale up their efforts and improve their chances

4 Steps To Prevent Digital Fraud In Your Business

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Getting your business to operate at it’s best takes a lot of planning. From your product to your marketing, not to mention cashflow and even people management. But there’s one factor that many business owners overlook, and that’s avoiding fraud. Internet based fraud has grown to become a billion

How Fan Fury Is Causing A Click Fraud Headache For Sponsors

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Sponsoring a major sports team is seen as the pinnacle for many brands. Getting your name on the shirt, or on advertising hoardings in the stadium guarantees millions, if not billions, of eyes on your brand. But in the digital age, this visibility presents a challenge, and one that

3 Ways to Make Your Business Digitally Secure

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Securing your business online doesn’t have to be daunting but it does have to be done. When your business is online you are vulnerable to attacks and you are vulnerable to people wishing to cause you or your business harm. When your business is online it can feel difficult

How to Keep Your Data Protected from Scammers

We live in an age where online technology is a big part of our daily lives. There’s really no way to avoid it because everything is happening remotely, especially these days, and this means you need to keep an eye open. People go online to stay connected and get