The Importance of Mobile Landing Pages

Guest Post By: PureLander

Mobile landing pages have been the latest trend in CPA marketing for the past few years and are now one of the most important aspects of running a successful CPA campaign.

If you aren’t running successful mobile CPA campaigns yet, check out a couple of quick facts:

Let those facts sink in to help you realize the potential of mobile marketing. That is, of course, if you present your offer in the most appropriate and best way possible. How you do that is with CPA mobile landing pages. Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be difficult to do so, either.

Why CPA Mobile Landing Pages Are So Important

Even if you don’t take into account that Google now ranks sites based on how well they present on mobile devices, there are billions of people worldwide who use their phones for shopping online. That’s a lot of eyes on your landing page. The quality and responsiveness of it will determine whether or not your targeted audience will click through to your offer.

You should use your own custom landing pages for a variety of reasons:

    • To pre-sell a PPS offer (this is critical to PPS success!)
    • To ensure that your lander is different from all the others out there
    • So you can use them on social media sites
    • So you know that your code is clean and has no click-jacking or malicious code
    • To make sure you have total control of all the page elements
    • To capture emails to build your list
    • For split-testing multiple pages
    • To increase EPC and decrease wasted ad budget

Where and How to Get Customized Landing Pages – Fast and Affordably

If you just broke out into a sweat thinking about how you’re going to create conversion rocking CPA mobile landing pages that let you do all of those things and give you the benefits, don’t worry. It’s actually easier than you think, even if you’re a brand-new affiliate.

You don’t need to learn how to code, don’t need to hire a developer or web designer, don’t need a lot of money or time. You just need PureLander.

With PureLander, you can create optimized mobile landing pages with unique features in just minutes. Select from the 100+ templates, add your own headline, text and image then select any of the special features, such as vibration, sound, device detect, whole page clickable, javascript alert, and lots more. It’s really easy but there are plenty of how-to videos and great support if you need help.

All of that and no programming knowledge required, at all. Plus, you get the landing page file for uploading to your server or host. It’s yours to edit or alter, as you wish. You have total control and it costs only $25 (one-time payment) for six months of full use.

So, you can continue adding your offer’s lander to the sea of others already out there; hunt and find successful landers built by other affiliates and rip them along with their code; or you can stand out with your very own unique, optimized, high converting CPA mobile landing pages. Without any technical knowledge, whatsoever.  Which way sounds better to you?

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