Become a PPC Master: 10 Best Tips for PPC Campaign Management

Become a PPC Master: 10 Best Tips for PPC Campaign Management

Google rakes in billions in advertising revenue each year, and businesses are happy to pay because of the results they enjoy from successful PPC campaign management.

When using proper PPC campaign management and strategies to maximize results, you will be happily surprised at what these targeted visitors can do for your business.

There are other places online, besides Google, where you can pay per click. We are going to talk to you about becoming a PPC master across the board, so you can win no matter where you’re putting your money.

Continue reading for the best tips on managing PPC campaigns.

1. Focus on One Network

While you can branch out later if you want to, when you’re first getting started, you need to focus on one network. All of the networks are a little different and as you learn more about Google search ads, Bing search ads, Facebook pay per click, and more, you’ll see just how different they are.

When you learn the ins and outs of one network, you’re able to optimize your campaigns for the best results. It’s better to spend less and get more results with a network because you know what you’re doing than to spread yourself too thin.

2. Create a Clear Budget

Before getting started, you need to know how much money you’re willing to put into PPC. It can take a little bit of time to learn how to get results using PPC, and if you don’t have a budget planned out, it is easy to pull the plug too early.

Creating a budget and a time period for testing is essential for long-term success.

3. Customize for Mobile

People are going to see your ads on mobile, but if your ads aren’t customized for mobile, they won’t look right. Even if they are mostly legible, parts of your important copy might not be visible.

Before changing everything, take a look at your account and see if most of your traffic is coming from mobile or desktop. If there are a lot of mobile users, you should start working on this right away. On the other hand, if it is just a small number of people, you can start changing things up slowly.

4. Identify Your Campaign Landing Page

Your campaign landing page has a great deal to with how well your campaign does. You shouldn’t send people to your blog or your website homepage when you want to get the best conversion rates.

A well thought out landing page will convert best and the more specific your landing page is, the less each click from your campaign is going to cost.

5. Get Clear on Your Keyword Strategy

When you pick keywords, you need to make sure you are targeting keywords that are getting you in front of your target audience. Keeping the keywords as relevant to each other and your landing page as possible will make it more likely people will enter their information on your landing page.

Even if you find an attractive keyword that looks like it will bring a lot of visitors — don’t target it unless it is relevant to the landing page, or you’ll get less than great results.

6. Create Ads

When you’re creating your PPC campaigns, you can create more than one ad. When you create these ads, you shouldn’t make them too different.

You want to create ads that only have one element off, so you can see which of these ads give you the best results. This is called A/B split testing and while it isn’t necessary, it is going to allow you to increase your results and decrease your necessary spend to get those results.

7. Understand Important Metrics

When you’re running ads, there are important metrics you need to track. These metrics are click-through rate, quality score, cost per click, cost per conversion, and return on ad spend.

Tracking these metrics help you understand how your campaign is going and if you should keep going, or change the way you’re running your campaign.

8. Keep an Eye on the Competition

While you should never copy the competition, you should look at them for inspiration to see what is working.

If you see the same ad running for a long time, you can guess that it is successful. Most companies don’t keep running an ad that is costing them money without getting results.

9. Learn Excel

If you want to become a master at PPC, you need to learn excel. You’ll be able to manipulate numbers like a wizard when you learn the ins and outs of excel.

The bigger your campaign gets, the more you’ll need to use excel to get the results you want out of your campaigns.

10. Get Good at Copywriting

When you want people to click on your ads, you have to get good at copywriting.

The copy you use in your ads makes a big difference in how many people are going to click and how many people will be unimpressed and scroll right past your ad.

Winning at PPC Campaign Management

Now you know how to become successful at PPC campaign management and some of the best practices to maximize results. You can take this information to Google, Facebook, or any other site that offers PPC and achieve the results you want.

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