Formulating an Instagram Strategy for 2021

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Of the three social networks owned and managed by Facebook, Instagram has emerged as one of the most ideal for branding. The billion-dollar acquisition of Instagram by Facebook a few years ago will go down in history as one of the most successful and profitable, and this has a lot to do with all the interesting features that have been gradually added to the network, particularly with regard to video.

In addition to its new features, Instagram has also proven to be a highly engaging network thanks to the creativity of users. It is amazing to learn, for example, that Instagram has grown into a social media platform where political candidates can coordinate their campaigns. There was a time when it was impossible to think that a law firm would benefit from an Instagram presence, but this is no longer the case. Whether you wish to manage a personal or business presence on Instagram in 2021, there is no question that you will be able to find a receptive audience.

With the above in mind, here are a few trends and strategies that Instagram users should pay attention to for the purpose of establishing a solid presence on the network this year.

Short-Form Video Posts

The tremendous success of Snapchat and TikTok, two social networks heavily focused on short videos geared towards younger audiences, have prompted competitors to introduce similar functionality. In the case of Instagram, things started off with Stories, and now we have the more effective and brand-oriented Reels. Instagram Stories are well-established; as of late 2020, 500 million users were creating this kind of content. Reels are very short video clips; they are intended to be enjoyed by users whose attention spans may be constrained by having to engage in other things. Digital marketing analysts believe that Reels will be expanded to a minute in the near future, and this will allow brands to post more educational posts.

Carousel Posts

In lieu of Reels, many Instagram users have been creating carousel updates that work in a fashion similar to image slide shows. Fitness enthusiasts and yoga instructors use this strategy to show their followers how they should perform certain exercises and poses. Carousel posts can also be educational and entertaining; furthermore, they have shown to achieve viral status just as easily as Stories and Reels. The appeal of Instagram Carousel content is that users react positively to being able to see more than one image in a single post instead of having to click on a different one.

Increase the Scope of Your Instagram Profile

What can you expect when you read an Instagram bio for a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist? Most people will think of posts related to completed projects and perhaps some vacation photographs, but there is more to life than just these two activities. If you want to share some thoughts about an interesting book you are reading, for example, including a nice picture of the cover will go a long way in complementing your message.