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Ad Network Rating 5/5 Stars

Freestar is a publisher focused ad tech company established in 2015 and headquartered in Phoenix Arizona who’s motto is #PublisherFirst. In 2019, they were ranked #1 on the Inc 5,000 list.

The network works with 100’s of top tier publishers in all verticals and boats impressive numbers with over 130 million uniques and 10 billion ad impressions. Some publishers who use Freestar are CoinDesk, Fortune, Sports Reference, Gardening Know How and Barstool Sports.

Freestar works with their publishers to primarily implement custom header bidding solutions, monetizing nearly 100% of a publishers at inventory across display, mobile, video, desktop and in-app. However, if you are an advertiser you can access their self serve platform to launch ad campaigns.

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Freestar Publisher Services

Customized Header Bidding Implementation

Publishers can leverage a fully optimized and customized header bidding wrapper with all the top SSPs integrated. Freestar will get demand approvals on the publishers behalf however, if you were not previously approved by an ad network don’t expect that you will magically be approved now.

As a publisher you have the opportunity to run both standard ad units and high impact ad placements that create new inventory and earn additional revenue. Some of their ad units include Sidewall, Sticky Footer, Video Slider, In-Content Video, Pushdown and Superflex.

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Unified Reporting Platform

See granular revenue insights in real time and understand all key performance metrics important for a publisher.

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Painless Setup

Freestar will handle 100% of your set up and integrate demand partners for you.

Private Marketplace (PMP) Sales

PMPs that are already set up and ready for your inventory to be included on. Private Marketplaces boast some of the highest CPMs and always tough for single publishers to close and optimize on their own.

Team of professionals

Have a whole team behind you as an extension of your ad ops team who are there to grow your business on a daily basis.

High Ad Quality

Technology is already implemented that stops mobile redirects and blocks malicious ads that otherwise would be damaging to your brand.

Google Ad Manager (GAM) Management

They are able to implement dynamic price floors, direct campaigns and any other GAM needs.

Ad Refresh

Increase your revenue by implementing a compliant ad refresh. As a results you will earn more money from the same amount of users.

In-App Monetization

Monetization for both iOS and android applications in additional to just desktop and mobile inventory.

Referral Program

They offer a referral program where if you refer your publisher friend, you will receive. 10% of that publishers net revenue that Freestar generates. This is a great source of incremental earnings just for sending them new clients.

Publisher Testimonials

The caliber of the Freestar team is mind blowing. Their depth of knowledge, attention to detail, access to the right people, and strategic vision for the future is unmatched in ad tech. They took our monetization from great to absolutely phenomenal. Ali Aydar – Sporcle

Imagine taking a world class ad ops team, mixing it with amazing engineers, and add in all around solid people and you’ve got what makes Freestar amazing. Oh yeah … there is also the absolutely insane increase in revenue that their software brings in. Jacob Donnelly –  CoinDesk

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