Get Real Instagram Followers To Boost Your Growth — Here’s How

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Statistics show that Instagram has almost a billion users since its creation in 2010. Although it falls behind Facebook who has 2.6 billion users, a recent study shows that people engage 10 times higher on Instagram than on Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times better than on Twitter.

Just these numbers alone show how one of the most effective ways for social media influencers and businesses to fulfil their goal of being successful on different platforms is gaining Instagram followers. Some businesses and social media influencers even started their careers and brand building solely through Instagram. 

Ever since Instagram was developed in 2010, the number of users increases consistently over the years. More so, the number of businesses has ballooned since 2010. We can still remember how businesses have first turned to Instagram instead of Facebook which has more users. This can be associated with more engagements from Instagram and having a more focused audience through it.

Instagram offers opportunities and success just by working towards growing your account on this platform. The most impactful strategy you can employ is by gaining real Instagram followers, and here’s how:

Create relevant content consistently.

Do you know what makes people follow an account? It’s through engaging and relevant content. Are you a fashion blogger? Find ways to post outfits and other types of content that people will find inspiration in, so they would want to follow your account to see what you’ll post next. Make sure that you show how consistent you are, otherwise, they’ll feel that it’s just a one-time thing, and won’t press that follow button.

Instagram stories are also one of the ways you can get creative with Instagram and gain engagements from your followers. You can create relatable content in your stories, polls they can answer, “This or That” questionnaires that have become really popular, or solicit questions and feedback directly. Agencies like Social Meep can help you with your content campaigns.

Widen your network.

Create connections! Engage with others’ posts. If you are a company that is on Instagram to promote a product, get in touch with influencers who have either average following and those who can already be considered Instagram-famous. Connecting with those starting influencers targets localized audiences and gives emphasis to your brand presence on a relatable level since most people are not Instagram-famous.

They’ll feel that the product is something they too can afford to have or casually buy on a normal day or daily basis. On the other hand, getting in touch with big-time influencers adds credibility to your product since most people feel that famous people are credible and trustworthy.

Avail organic Instagram growth service.

For real instant growth, Instagram growth service providers like SocialMeep are whom you can turn to. They provide positive results without having to pose risks to your accounts with Instagram bots. The Instagram growth you will be gaining from the service you avail of will all be organic powered by human experts and AI-powered automation.

They can provide you with analytic services that present insights and reports on customer information or demographics. These data can be very useful for assessing customer demands and aligning your strategies and content based on the gathered demographics.