Life At the Appnexus Offices!

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Life At AppNexus Basketball Court

What is it like to work at AppNexus? CEO Brian O’Kelly invented one of the largest and most fully developed open real time digital media exchange platforms. AppNexus is more then one of the most important digital advertising technologies ever invented. If you have never been to the office before, you are missing out..

The AppNexians of AppNexus

The offices of AppNexus (located on 28 West 23rd Street in NYC) was started in Brian’s basement with 4 other employees.

Some things you will find at the AppNexus office

  • An employee wearing a horse mask
  • Ping Pong
  • Tiger socks
  • Teddy bears wearing masks
  • a Basketball court
  • a flying robot
  • Pizza
  • A diverse population of hard working and brilliant employees

Brian O’Kelley and other employees go on to drill in the importance of AppNexus:

Appnexus kitchen

Kitchen is always stocked

Advertising is the life blood of the internet and we power the advertising that powers the internet. We serve 25 billion ads a day all over the world. Brian O’Kelly

We build a technology to enable advertising. AppNexus is really the hub of the New York Tech scene Samir Shergill VP – Strategic Initiatives

My favorite thing about my job is that I am making products. Making things happen that are going to be on the internet. Yani Luo Software Engineer – User Interface

Hoops anyone?

Hoops anyone?

There are over 500 AppNexians in 10 offices in 4 continents. Talk about global reach! The culture of AppNexus is entrepreneurial and exciting as rumors of a near IPO being to look more real. Employees are given immense responsibility and are thought of as owners of the company. In turn, countless AppNexians have grown as leaders, executives and entrepreneurs within the company, bringing brilliant ideas to life which has revolutionized the AppNexus product offering.

AppNexus Lobby

AppNexus Lobby

Deep set curiosity and a supporting community is embedded into the DNA of AppNexus. What does the future hold for AppNexus? Anything is possible! Now is the time to join.

50 Cent used to record in the building. They kept the bathroom.

50 Cent used to record in the building. They kept the bathroom.

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