Packaging Programmatic Inventory With AppNexus Deal ID

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What is AppNexus Deal ID

 AppNexus Deal ID: What is it?

AppNexus is a digital advertising exchange for advertisers and publishers that is being talked about in the media lately with impending IPO. Let’s face it, there are so many programmatic buzz words that when you hear them each and every day they start to blend together and sound made up. What  a deal ID accomplishes is it that it enables an advertiser, agency or any media buyer to purchase impressions in the way that is most convenient and highly targeted in an RTB system. Not all media buyers have access to every major ad exchange, SSP and DSP, but smart ad agencies are integrating their technologies and ad servers with the major players in the industry to create a vast oasis of target-able inventory at scale. Here is a brief overview about AppNexus Deal ID.

AppNexus Deal ID: The AppNexus Deal ID combines real time bidding technology with the traditional direct sales of  digital inventory. Demand side platforms and supply side platforms can lump their inventory (usually by placements or publishers) and have an advertiser directly target an ID number that has the targeted impressions grouped into a buy. The media manager can use appnexus deal id to set the floor prices, aq rules and any other targeting on their back end and have the advertiser bid directly into the “mini RTB ecosystem” for an increased boost in eCPM for the publisher and the sought out users of the advertiser. AppNexus is a pioneer in the digital advertising technology industry and this can all be managed in the partner center. AppNexus has a nice infographic that shows how appnexus deal id works.

AppNexus Deal ID

The Steps of AppNexus Deal ID. Source:

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